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The NS14 is an Australian designed sailing dinghy,  intended for competitive family sailing. It has a simple rig, is light enough to be lifted from a trailer into the water by 3 persons of average strength, requires only reasonable fitness to sail, and is affordable by the private sailor.



The NS14 National Association would like to acknowledge and thank the following suppliers and sponsors for their ongoing support of the class.

Gosford Sailing Club on the central coast of NSW will host the 52nd NS14 National Championships.

The special circumstances facing Australia (and the world) have meant that it was not feasible to hold the titles in Tasmania this time around, but they will be held there in 2021/22.

The NS14 Association thanks the Gosford Club for stepping in to support our class. Racing will be over 4 days from 28-31 December 2020.

Update on the plans for the National Titles

Covid-19 continues to impact on organised sport and recreational activities including dinghy sailing. While club sailing is able to commence in most states, the ability to hold larger state or national events in the coming months is still uncertain. The National Executive is keen to continue sailing where it is possible to safely do so and to this end the plan to hold the NS14 National Titles at Gosford Sailing Club in NSW between 28-31 December 2020 remains current. It is impossible to consider every scenario that may occur between now and that date but the class' intent is summarised below:
1. The event will remain scheduled unless circumstances materially change such that it is not possible to hold the event.
2. If, at a time three weeks before the scheduled regatta, state border closures make interstate travel impossible for some competitors from affiliated states the National titles will be postponed but a regatta will still be held if it is safe and possible to do so.
3. If the Nationals are postponed, the National Executive will look into other options to hold the regatta within the season and this will be communicated as early as possible to allow sailors to make plans.

Stay safe on and off the water, and keep an eye out here and on the NS14 forum/Facebook for further updates every couple of weeks on regatta planning for this unprecedented season.

Monty Lang
NSW & National NS14 Association Class President

NS14 Training Videos

Featuring Peter Vaiciurgis, Hugh Tait and Rohan Nosworthy

A series of training videos have been produced featuring National Champions Peter Vaiciurgis, Tina Babbage, Hugh Tait and Tara McCall. Joined by MG National Champion Rohan Nosworthy they demonstrate both on and off the water, the many aspects of rigging, tuning and racing a NS14.

Click here to view the NEW Racing Tips videos

The NS14 National Association would like to acknowledge and thank the following for their support of this event.