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Welcome to the NS14 Association of ACT. The NS14 is an Australian designed sailing dinghy,  intended for competitive family sailing. It has a simple rig, is light enough to be lifted from a trailer into the water by 3 persons of average strength, requires only reasonable fitness to sail, and is affordable by the private sailor.


The NSW/ACT Great Southern TT 2021-22

First round of the TT will be the 54th ACT Championships to be held at the YMCA Sailing Club from 13-14 November 2021.  NOR and entry here.

The second round will be at the Wallagoot regatta on 12-13 of March 2022. 

Contact us for more information.

ACT Champions

54th ACT NS14 Championships

Our Champions are Oliver and Monty Lang in Midnight Hour; 2nd Gaby and Michael in Smashing Pumpkin (Jack and Jill); 3rd Olivia and Mike Tait in Carbon Neutral (Family). And the other prize winners were: Junior Champs Angus and Jai in Wings; Heavyweights Jesse and Lachlan in Up Roar; Classic Boat Cameron and Leo in Sidecar (Areo 7); and Handicap Coran and Nick in Bedside Kite.

A good breeze for the three races on Saturday determined the results, as Sunday was very cold and 20-30kts blow-out. Well done to the three seas scout boats competing in their first big open regatta. And congratulations to our Junior Champs Angus and Jai for having a go on Sunday.


53rd ACT NS14 Championships

Congratulations to Oliver and Monty (Midnight Hour NS2070) as they do a three-pete for the ACT Cup. Tough conditions on Saturday with wet, cold and 5kts of wind. Tough conditions Sunday with 5-20kts blustery southerly, but at least the sun was out.

52nd ACT NS14 Championships

Congratulations Oliver and Monty Lang sailing Midnight Hour to retain their ACT Championship Title over 6 windy races. They stuck it out for 3 races Saturday in 20+kts and then today in 15kts (with a 25kt spike). Well done also to Will James and James Macken in Mojo, and Belinda James and Michael Hitchens in Smashing Pumpkin for turning out, although they did not survive the spike!

51st ACT NS14 Championships

Congratulations to Oliver and Monty Lang (NS2041) who are our champions this year. Monty is a champion from 20 years ago (1997 and 1999) when he was a young gun. Great to see him back in the class with his family.

We had 8 boats register but only 6 got on the water Saturday and 7 Sunday, as I fell to the lurgi on Friday afternoon and did not recover. Three very short races Saturday in gusty 15+ knots and one short race Sunday in around 8 knots. Bright sunshine and good wind - the sailing conditions could not have been better.

Other prize winners were:

Junior and Female champions - Gaby Brady and Kiara Worrall (NS2057); Handicap - Luca Dorough and Tony Hastings (NS1705); Heavyweight - Jarrah and Josh Dorough (NS1923); Family - the Corbetts (NS1985); Jack and Jill - Lara and James (NS1987); Classic - Ryan and Dougal Dow (NS1844).

Michael Hitchens (PEAK) - Race Secretary. November 2018.

50th ACT NS14 Championships

Belinda and Michael 50th Champions in PEAK NS1912

Belinda James and Michael Hitchens - 50th Champions in PEAK NS1912

A magic weekend of sailing and friendship for the ACT 50th Championships. We had 10 boats, with travellers from Eden, Chipping Norton and Lake Wallagoot to challenge for the titles and the first round of the Southern TT.

The weather was kind. Wind was NW at 5-15kts on Saturday and NNE 5-10kts Sunday under blue sky. 5 heats in all, closely contested. The scratch results are below with the Nett column showing the Championships (Peak with Michael Hitchens and Belinda James are the Champions - trophy presented by Christine Bethwaite) and the Total column showing the TT points (WindFX with David and Cathy Cox are leading).

Other results: Heavyweight (Ron Thompson and Simon Taylor - THE POT presented by Paul Fitzwarryne); Handicap and Female Skipper (Mary Tulip and family crew); Jack&Jill (Peter Smith and Jessica Wyers); Family (Josh and Jarah Dorrough); Juniors (Kiara and Annabelle); Veteran (David and Cathy Cox), Classic NS (Tony Hastings and Luka Dorrough).

Saturday night was a highlight with 30 friends for dinner, including a number of past Champions. Our first champions, Peter Russell and his son Peter Jr, were also present. A great night.


Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/153480396@N03/albums/with/72157689112013604

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The 50th ACT NS14 Championships will be run as part of the ACT Dinghy Titles from the YMCA Sailing Club on 4/5 November 2017. The Championships will also double as the first leg of the new NSW/ACT Southern TT series (the second leg will be the Wallagoot regatta).

View NS14 Flyer

YMCA Sailing Club NOR and Entry link

These anniversary titles are a must for all NS14s:

  • a five race series on Lake Burley Griffin noted for its wind (strong wind forced the abandonment of the 49th titles last year)
  • being run by the friendly YMCA with its excellent canteen
  • irrespective of the number of entries, there will be the full range of prizes (scratch; handicap; heavyweight; jack and jill; junior; female skipper; veteran; classic boat)
  • anniversary dinner at a restaurant on Saturday night subsidised by the ACT (it is byo and we expect you will pay no more than $25 per head for 2 courses)
  • it is the first leg of the new Southern TT.

Have a look at the Flyer above and email Michael or Mary for more information. See you in November!

The NS14 National Association would like to acknowledge and thank the following suppliers and sponsors for their ongoing support of the class.

ACT Presidents Report 2015-16

This year has been very quiet. We have only had 4 boats sailing. There are only 9 members. The fleet is also now split between the 2 clubs. One at CYC and 5 sailing at YMCA, but only a couple of times getting 4 on the water.

Injury has kept 2 boats off the water most of the season and crew problems also causing boats not to sail. Michael Hitchens has held the class together being the National President, and done most of the organising for the ACT Titles and National Championships at Christmas.

The Highlights

Seeing Orla and Eamon Gray sailing Battlestar at the ACT Titles and National Championships.  Orla taking out both the Female National Champion and Junior National Champion. These are two young people we would love to see more in the class.

Jo Caffrey and Jo sail Big Daddy Potato at the ACT Titles and for a lot of the early part of the season.

National Titles went off well with 28 boats competing – from NSW, SA, Tasmania and the ACT.

I was happy to get 3 races sailed at the Nationals but only another 3 for the whole season as injury is causing me problems.

Thanks to the committee for keeping things going.

Bill Kerrigan, ACT President

Race Secretary and Measurers Reports below ...


ACT NS14 Race Secretary Report 2015-16

The season was dominated by the hosting of the Nationals over the Christmas/New Year period. Notwithstanding the disappointing wind strength, the competition was strong among the 28 boats.

The 48th ACT Titles were held at the Canberra Yacht Club on the weekend of 14/15 November 2015 with 17 boats competing.

1st Place: Mark Thorpe – TR6 2048

2nd Place: Ross Hansen – Captain Risky 2057

3rd Place: Peter Spicer – Wind FX 1960

The Heavyweight Trophy was won by Michael Pfeffer in Saltwater (2006)

Family was won by James Macken in Mojo (1987)

Jack&Jill: Shannon Corbett in Nemesis (1985)

Junior: Nathan Gulliksen in Max Power (1863)

Female: Jo Caffery in Big Daddy Potato (1923)

Veteran: Michael Hitchens in Peak (1912)

Overseas visitor: Barrie Mcindoe in Walk on the Wildside (1902)

Singlehander: David Cox in Rhapsody (1657)

Michael Hitchens and Leo O’Keffee took out the Richard Morcum NS14 trophy at the Eden regatta in Peak (1912).

James and Paddy Macken in Mojo competed at the NSW Titles and put in the Most Ordinary Performance, finishing as the 51st percentile boat.

Michael Hitchens, Race Secretary


ACT NS14 Measurer’s Report 2015-16

No sails were measured.

A total of 26 boats were weighed at the ACT Titles and the Nationals.

Michael Hitchens, Measurer

18 June 2016


48th ACT NS14 Championships

And the winners at the 48th ACT Championships were (with apologies to crew)

Champions: Mark Thorpe TR6 2048
2nd: Ross Hansen Captain Risky 2057
3rd: Peter Spicer Wind FX 1960
Heavyweight: Michael Pfeffer Saltwater 2006
Family: James Macken Mojo 1987
Jack&Jill: Shannon Corbett Nemesis 1985
Junior: Nathan Gulliksen Max Power 1863
Female: Jo Caffery Big Daddy Potato 1923
Veteran: Michael Hitchens Peak 1912
Overseas visitor: Barrie Mcindoe Walk on the Wildside 1902
Singlehander: David Cox Rhapsody 1657

Full Results (PDF)

Past Winners (PDF)

The NS14 National Association would like to acknowledge and thank the following for their support of this event.

47th ACT NS14 Championships

The 47th ACT Titles were held at the YMCA Sailing Club on the weekend of 1/2 November 2014.

1st Place: Ross Hansen and Annika Hansen - Orion 1794

2nd Place: John Hanrahan and Tegan Hanrahan - Moondance 2000

3rd Place: David Cox and Annette Wright - Rhapsody 1657

The Heavyweight Trophy was won by Peter Spicer and Kathy Cox in Hex (Tiger)
Family was won by Steve and Will Akhurst in Bandit (Tiger)
Jack and Jill was won by James and Sophie Macken in Mojo (Fever).

Congratulations to Ross and Annika.

46th ACT NS14 Championships

Six races were held on 23/24th November 2013 for the 46th ACT NS14 Championships. Very tight and competitive racing across the fleet of 11 NS14s that competed.

Our thanks to the 7 NSW boats that came down from Sydney and to the YMCA Sailing Club.

Our Champions this year are Craig and Mel Davidson in Rubber Chicken Rocket Car (Moondance) with a perfect record for the series. Second was Michael Hitchens and Mary Tulip in Peak (T99) and third Alex Chittenden and Megan Meridith in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Tiger). Full result below.

Other noteable performances were:
Neil Tasker and Calum Cartwright in Jolly Roger first on handicap.
Bryce Edwards and Amanda Stern in Tempest won Jack and Jill.
Best Family and Classic boat David and Cathy Cox in Rhapsody.
The Fitzwarren Heavyweight Pot was won by Lakshmi Gribble and Raj in Purple Patch.

1. 2002 Rubber Chicken Rocket Car, Craig and Mel Davidson, 5
2. 1912 Peak, Michael Hithchens and Mary Tulip, 11
3. 2009 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Alex Chittenden and Megan Meridith, 15
4. 2033 Tempest, Bryce Edwards and Amanda Stern, 20
5. 2008 California Times, Chris Eddes and Rebecca Wiley, 21
6. 1895 Jolly Roger, Niel Tasker and Calum Cartwright, 30
7. 1657 Rhapsody, David and Cathy Cox, 34
8. 1897 Devil, Ravi Raj and Sally Raj, 38
9. 1947 Purple Patch, Lakshmi Gribble and Raj, 42
10. 1923 Big Daddy Potato, Bill Kerrigan and Luke Taylor, 46
11. 1987 Mojo, James and Paddy Macken, 51.