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Welcome to the South Australian NS14 Association. The NS14 is an Australian designed sailing dinghy,  intended for competitive family sailing. It has a simple rig, is light enough to be lifted from a trailer into the water by 3 persons of average strength, requires only reasonable fitness to sail, and is affordable by the private sailor.


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The NS14 National Association would like to acknowledge and thank the following suppliers and sponsors for their ongoing support of the class.

Hello NS 14 people.

You could be forgiven for thinking that shifting of the Earths tectonic plates had resulted in South Australia being separated from the rest of continental Australia, as we have not contributed to the national website for some time. However, we are still alive and having fun, albeit with reduced numbers.

A small fleet still sails every week at Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club.

Regular attendees racing at present are:-

Alex and Natalie / Skinny Love

Debbie and Ashley / Powderburn

Tony and Amelia / Hammertime

Bob and Christine / Sweet Little Rock ‘ n’ Roller.

Occasional sailors this year have been Red Joker (Adrian and Daniel), Yoda (Sam and Emma, Sea Breeze (David and Debbie Trant), and  Whatever (Russell and Jacqui).

The Trants are US citizens. David is a US Air Force Flight Surgeon on exchange with the RAAF., and will be returning to a new posting in the USA this year. As well as performing the duties of doctor, he is licenced  ,and indeed expected, to fly jets regularly. David has amused us with stories about the ultimate boys toy he once briefly owned – a MIG 21 jet fighter , ex Polish Air Force. Interesting fact  - starting up, taking off, and climbing to 1500 feet , can consume over 2000 litres of fuel. Now that’s a gas guzzler!

At the end of 2017,  we staged NS14 Nationals at Largs Bay Yacht Club. This was very successful with 24  boats attending. A report on this event can be found here https://www.sail-world.com/news/201163/NS14-2017-18-Nationals-Title-at-Largs-Bay . Many thanks for the major effort made by members of the NS14 Association of SA, and officials and volunteers of Largs Bay.

Skinny Love, Powderburn and Yoda travelled to Port Vincent recently for a weekend regatta . A good time was had by all. Port Vincent (3 hours from Adelaide on the Western side of St Vincents Gulf is an excellent place to sail, offering flat waters and fairly reliable good breezes. Almost as importantly, there are good places to eat and sleep.

We have had some illness amongst our personnel this year. This has affected the number of boats sailing. We wish them all a speedy recovery.

I myself had a mild heart issue at the end of 2018 (short story – I was driving to work one day and I felt uncomfortable. I drove myself to the Flinders Medical Centre and 2 hours later their wonderful staff had inserted a stent in a major heart artery. 48 hours later, I felt fully recovered. The wonders of modern medicine eh).

We appreciate the sterling efforts of National President Monty Lang to enable a Nationals to be held this year. COVID has made it difficult for everyone. We hope it is successful.

Regards to all

Bob Couch

President , NS 14 Association of SA
5th April 2021


Trophy Results Season 2018/19

State Championship: Powderburn / Debbie Colebatch/Ashley Barclay

State Handicap: Skinny Love / Alex Poole/Nat Jastrzebski

Submarine: Don’t Panic / Chris Hart/Tom Vercoe

Damage: Powderburn / Debbie Colebatch/Ashley Barclay

Most improved: Not Awarded

Best Crew: Christine Lowery

Presidents: David Colebatch

Travellers: Sweet Little Rock ‘n Roller / Bob Couch/Christine Lowery


Trophy Results Season 2019/20

State Championship: Skinny Love / Alex Poole/Nat Jastrzebski

State Handicap: Powderburn / Debbie Colebatch/Ashley Barclay

Submarine: Powderburn / Debbie Colebatch/Ashley Barclay

Damage: Powderburn / Debbie Colebatch/Ashley Barclay

Most Improved: Hammertime / Tony Clark/Amelia Clement

Best Crew: Amelia Clement

Presidents: Debbie Colebatch

Travellers: Andy Harris/John Harris

 2015/2016 NS 14 season results

2015/16 NS14 State Championships

SA State Championship Scratch final results held at Brighton Seacliff Yacht Club Nov 2015 and Largs Bay Yacht Club Feb 2016

1 1982 Without a Trace - Dave Gordon Daniel Adams 6 Points
2 2031 2031 - Alex Poole Nat Poole 16 Points (Countback)
3 2035 Red Joker - Adrian Adams Chris Rivett 16 Points (Countback)
4 1997 Don't Panic - Chris Hart Tom Vercoe 18 Points
5 1936 Powderburn - Deb Colebatch Ashley Barclay 25 Points
6 2015 Dare Devil - Daryl Emery Kane Rowe 34 Points
7 2042 The Dart - John Jenkins Lesley Jenkins 36 Points
8 2051 Stealth - Dean Crichton Lisa Brock 42 Points
9 1900 Blue Moon - J.Woodroffe Libby John 50 Points
10 1927 Modest Mouse - Ashleigh Emery Susan Lee 59 Points
11 1919 Sweet Little R&R - Bob Couch Chris Grigg 65 Points
12 2037 Hammertime - Tony Clark Toni Chisholm 79 Points
13 1976 Meltdown - Tim Ellis Dave Rowe 82 Points
14 1994 Seabreeze – Emma Barnes Steve Punke 83 Points

SA State Championship Handicap final results held at Brighton Seacliff Yacht Club Nov 2015 and Largs Bay Yacht Club Feb 2016

1 2035 Red Joker – Adrian Adams 18 points (countback) 

2 1936 Powderburn -Deb Colebatch 18 points (countback)

3 2031  2031 – Alex Poole 27 points 

4 2015  Dare Devil – Darryl Emery 28 points

5 1928 Without a trace- Dave Gordon 29 points

6 2051 Stealth – Dean Crichton 30 points

7 1997 Don't Panic – Chris Hart 31 points

8 1900 Blue Moon – Jem Woodroffe 34 points

9 2042 The Dart – John Jenkins 43 points

10 1927 Modest Mouse – Ashleigh Emery 45 points(c/back

11 1919 Sweet Little R&R- Bob Couch 45 points (c/back)

12 2037 Hammertime- Tony Clark 79 points

13 1994 Seabreeze –Steve Punke/Emma Barnes 81 points

14 1976 Meltdown –Tim Ellis 112 points


2015/16 Travellers Trophy

 Seacliff, Victor Harbor, Largs Bay and Port Vincent-Handicap Results

1 1936 Powderburn -Deb Colebatch 49 points

2  2035 Red Joker - Adrian Adams 52 points

3 2031  2031 – Alex Poole 55 points 

4 1997 Don't Panic – Chris Hart 70 points

5 1928 Without a trace- Dave Gordon 72 points

6 1927 Modest Mouse – Ashleigh Emery 75 points

7 1900 Blue Moon – Jem Woodroffe 87 points

7 2015 Dare Devil- Darryl Emery 87 points

8 2037 Hammertime- Tony Clark 95 points

9 2051 Stealth - Dean Crichton 96 points

10 2042 The Dart- John Jenkins 111 points

11 1919 Sweet Little R&R- Bob Couch 116 points 

12 1994 Seabreeze–Steve Punke/Emma Barnes 171 

13 1976 Meltdown –Tim Ellis 172 points





2 2031 2031- A. POOLE / N. JASTRAZEBSKI





3 2031 2031- A.POOLE / N. JASTRAZEBSKI







Port Vincent moments from the stern of Blue Moon

Libby and I had a pretty easy drive over on Saturday morning, leaving at 7.15am and arriving at Port Vincent at 9.30am, including a stop at the Mega servo next to the White Horse Inn for take away coffee…we managed to resist the Krispy Kreme drive through!  On arrival we dropped Blue Moon off on the beach and set up our tents in the Caravan Park and trotted the two minutes back to the beach to rig up.  It was a beautiful day for sailing on Saturday, with wind 14-16 knots from the south and nice flat water and sunshine.

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The crew from Port Vincent Yacht club gave the briefing and we were up for two races back to back starting at 1.00pm.  This was the third of our travellers series destinations with Victor Harbor the first, and Largs Bay the second. Before we launched I happened to glance at my tiller extension universal and noticed it was hanging by a thread of rubber. I gave it a slight tug and it pulled off altogether. I walked over to the closest boat to me and asked Adrian if he had a spare tiller extension.  He said ‘As a matter of fact I do’.  Apparently he had said to his son Dan “Do you think I should put this in?” Dan replied “Put it in, someone may break one.”  Thanks Dan!

It was certainly nice to simply push the boat trolley 10 steps into the water and sail straight out on a dead run. We had 10 NS’s racing and there was good competition throughout the fleet with plenty of lead changes.  Dave Colebatch kindly filmed some of the sailing, which is featured with this article.

After the long beat back in and a shower it was pretty cool to sit out on the deck of the yacht club overlooking the bay and sink a Corona.

We then enjoyed a nice social time over our Schnitzel and every salad dinner with sticky date pudding for desert washed down with more Coronas and Jim Beam and Cokes.  Thanks to all the helpers at Port Vincent for putting on such a nice spread!  The newly extended dining room held a mix of 505, Ns14’s, Tasars, and Fireball sailors and families.

After a good sleep, with the help of earplugs, a sleeping mask, and a plush mattress, tents were pulled down and camp packed.  Libby and I trotted over to the café on the beach for bacon and eggs and more coffee, and saw Ash there who had the same idea. Sunday dawned hot and dead calm. The Ns 14 crew were in no rush to rig up, John and Leslie packed it in for the day, others were considering going home and Adrian was playing with his new toy, a drone.

The race kept getting postponed and Dave Gordon asked Greg Hackett the Port Vincent Commodore if he could dial up 15 knots. Greg responded that he had been dialling but there was no answer!  Just when all seemed lost someone must have answered because the wind swung 180 degrees to the south and came in!  We ended up having beautiful screaming reaches with a consistent 15-20 knots and blue skies.

On the way home, in a 110km zone on Port Wakefield Road, we passed Dave Gordon putting his boat back on his trailer. Apparently it had fallen off!  He seemed to have plenty of helpers so we kept going.  Off to the left there was a massive black cloud tracking alongside us over by the Adelaide Hills.  On the turnoff to Libby’s place we drove straight into it with thunder, lighting, torrential rain and rivers running down the road all the way home. What a contrast!

Cheers! Jem

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47th NS14 Nationals Report by Alex Poole

Day One and race one couldn’t have started much better for us as we managed to go the right way around the island, getting around the top mark in the top five. After picking up a few places of the next couple of leg we managed to finish second.

The challenging conditions continued with very patchy breeze and ultralight conditions we slipped back in the pack and only managed to finish 12th in this race. The next race was sailed in slightly more breeze than the earlier two and after spending over 4 hours on the water we improved on our previous result managing a 7th. 


Day Two had similar condition to the previous day with very light conditions the race committee was keen to get as many races as possible in as the forecast for the next few was looking worse. After a terrible start and getting around the top mark mid fleet, nat and I went hunting for breeze after pick this up before most we managed to round the wing mark in first. After finding a few holes on the way to the finish line we ended up 5th.

Race five was sailed in similar conditions other than the last reach but after a poor start we only managed to finish 12th

Day Three – as predicted the wind didn’t come in to late in the evening preventing any races being sailed.

Day Four – The conditions where the same as day three and due to lack of wind until late in the evening no races where sailed.

Day Five after a few delays the wind came in during the afternoon, race six didn’t quite go to plan after a good start and only 50 meters of the line the bottom pulley of our vang broke in half. Nat managed to tie this off so we could finish the race but as the breeze was around 12knots we couldn’t get enough vang for these conditions and finished 17th. After some further tweeting between races managed to get the vang working slightly better than the previous race, after picking some bad shifts on the first work and the challenge of the lack of vang we only managed another 12th. These average results meant our overall position slipped from 6th overall to 10th. 

The race committee did a great job managing to the seven races in with only three days of sailing, the Canberra yacht club was as really friendly they put on BBQ’s each night for the sailors. The limited space of the lake made this a great place for the spectators to watch from, and Adrian was able to take some great photo’s and videos of the racing.


Alex Poole - 2031


2015/16 Season- NS14 Association of South Australia 

May news

9th April – a hot calm day, with Dean “glamping” (fancy camping) and walking in the Flinders Ranges with Sharon.  I was in the market for a skipper, Chris came to my rescue with an unusual task, to sail Don't Panic as an MG and put on a magical performance which would have sailors joining our fleet in droves. Tony conjured up an ultra lightweight crew – Austin Higgins, who by all accounts had a great time.  It was a small fleet which headed out to the start line, without one dark blue boat – try as we might and using a barrage of borrowed stuff from the first aid box we could not get the pole to work.  In the end we changed the mast back to the NS14 rig and headed out to join the fleet just in time to hear the sound signals for race abandoned and to sail back in.  It was on this sail back in that Chris was telling me about his upcoming trip to the UK with his band to play for the Queen at Windsor Castle for her birthday.  Well done Chris that is an awesome achievement!


Last race 16th April

Mystery Race in a windy SSE at 17 knots with extra bullets.

With Dean still “glamping” I was after a skipper again, I made my way onto Hammertime!

Courses were memorised, written on bits of paper and taped to the sides of boats – Deb lost her map of the course somewhere on the course.

Bob and Christine had many large discussions about the direction – Im not even going to guess how that went. 

Ashleigh and Sue took a swim (I didn't see that on the course instructions myself....) and its not something everyone did. 

With more loops than triangles the pole work was massive! Nat suggested that there was way too much pole action.  Tony and I did have some fun with Hammertime's pole – prior to rounding the mark (I was going to say the gybe mark but I would be incorrect) Tony gave me clear instructions that this rounding was to be a bear away.  In my capacity as a professional, experienced crew, when we rounded the mark I performed a perfect gybe and launched the pole. A beautiful manoeuvre which left Tony confused with the mainsheet tangled and ultimately the boat facing completely the wrong way, pointing directly at 2 other boats.  A 360 was required to maintain the correct course, luckily for me there was no swimming involved as that would have been terribly embarrassing. 

Bob had pole trouble as well, he had been, over several weeks constructing a new light weight, flexible one (made out of PVC), which is cheap as well.  All this hard work was undone by a simple knot badly tied by the skipper, which came undone and caused the pole to flex its way over the side of the boat. Despite this mishap Christine has signed on to sail with the Rock N Roller for another season, Bob has warned other skippers off and advised not to approach her (with regard to poaching her for next season) – I think she is quite harmless otherwise. 

With the gusty breeze it was hard to keep the boats flat on the water, and in an additional solo effort to keep my name on the coveted submarine trophy Tony and I had a swim on shore – Dean I think we have already secured it!

“winners” are recorded as The Dart, 2031, Sweet Little Rock N Roller with the fastest being 2031.

Much discussion was had at the bar after the race, with everyone believing they had sailed the correct course (obviously this was not the case).

Jumbo headed to the bar to purchase a much needed drink for Lesley, unfortunately when he went to use his BSYC club card he was astounded to see that he had put into his wallet, not his club card, but his seniors card!- is this called a “seniors moment”??

John Haines, who has not been part of our sailing fleet, kept himself involved by taking some fantastic photos from his new position on the rescue boat. I now have them on various devices ready to play at our presentation night this week.  Thanks John for staying in our loop.

I would also like to thank Darry and Ashleigh Emery who have travelled down from Largs on many occasion this season to join our fleet – it has boosted our slowly growing fleet and has been entertaining having them in the mix. 

Presentation nights will soon be upon us, I'm hoping everyone will get there to support the winners.

Next will be the long struggle through the winter looking forward the start of the next season. 

Catch you next month





2015/16 Season- NS14 Association of South Australia 

April News

4th-5th March – a favourite on the NS14 Program – Port Vincent!

With various teams leaving at various times of Friday and Saturday morning and staying in various types of accommodation – we had 9 boats, and with the weekend not being counted as a State Heat weekend but part of our new Traveller Series – this was a great outcome.  Best outcome for me was to have the funnest skipper along – Tony, due to arrive Saturday morning before sailing (I was there Friday arvo – the wait was excruciating).  He was going to call when he was nearly there to say he wasn't going to make it – Luckily he saved me from possibly having a tear in my eye by calling to say he was half an hour away.

Dave was dubious about the weather and a lack of breeze, we discussed all past trips and worked out that there had never been a weekend where there was not any breeze – there has been too much but usually its perfect. Dan arrived Friday arvo with a tent borrowed from Adrian, we left room on Dave’s campsite for a standard 2 man tent – Adrian helped set up Dan's tent – a whopping 6 person one – it was like camping in the shadow of the taj mahal (he could stand up to get dressed).



Adrian also brought along his new toy a Drone with Go Pro attached which could be heard occasionally buzzing overhead as he practiced flying it around the campsite and over the sea.

Nat and Alex were staying in a house with John & Lesley, Ashley & Cameron and Deb & Dave. They had a bit of damage on the way over – with a recount from Nat she said that Alex had lost his doodle on the way over, it must have fallen off, but everything was Ok because they borrowed one from another man which fit perfectly!

There was a lot of discussion about the size difference between a Tad, a Smidge and a Truckload, not sure how this is relating to Alex's doodle (which turned out to be the gooseneck). Someone in this house also made a profound statement “I don't really drink much except when I do”.

Saturday morning brought everyone together for the first of 2 races.  Nat was looking for Alex, and stuck her head into the mens change-rooms (unauthorised) and saw a couple of other NS's crews naked – she got to check out a couple of goosenecks! 

Racing was great as usual, the wind was up the water flat, the courses had great angles.  Dave won the first race, 2nd to Powderburn, there was only 1 second between Don't Panic and Red Joker for 3rd and 4th, then Then Dart, Hammertime (enjoying its very first Port Vincent experience), Modest Mouse with Ashleigh skippering and her Dad Darryl crewing, then Blue Moon. 

The second race was won by Dave and Dan again, then 2031, Adrian, Don't Panic, Powderburn, The Dart, Modest Mouse, Hammertime, Blue Moon. If the Dart had performed any better John would have had to provide a urine sample as a rumour was circulating that steroids were involved. 

Jem broke his tiller extension (I don't think this is code for anything) but Adrian did come to the rescue, he always carries a spare and was able to lend it to a very grateful Jem. 

Jem had bruises from the last sail at Brighton which he was proudly showing off, but we all had a care factor of zero when his were compared to his poor crew Libby who's legs were every colour of the rainbow. Jem also caused some damage on Hammertime (does this guy ever give up!) going down wind and trying to avoid going through the finish line the wrong way got a bit close and with the wave action connected his boom to Hammer time’s hull, upon inspection there is a small hole in the paintwork....

We dined on schnitzels, salads and delicious desserts provided by the Port Vincent members, beers were $5 and so was the wine! Which made it very easy to have one too many.

Sunday dawned warm and calm, flat calm in fact.  Tony and I walked to the cafe for coffee and the sea was like glass – racing was due to start at 11am and with those of us in the caravan park there was a lot of packing up and half getting the boats ready.  We packed Hammertime onto the trailer as it looked like there would be no sailing – Dave took Without a Trace to the beach.

With the campsites packed and still not much of a breeze there were various chains of thought on the outcome of racing. Dan was lacking motivation, Jumbo called the current breeze a “sucker breeze” one which sucks you into believing it will be Ok but then drops out completely when you are a long way off shore.  With Tony's boat still in travelling mode and Dan lacklustre – other boats were leaving the beach for the race start.  Dan checked with Dave and then asked me if I would sail with him – after about 1 second of consideration I said yes and we headed out, a short distance out the breeze swung round to come from behind us, with Tony giving me the OK to sail with Dave – he said to Dan if the wind comes up he had to sail on Hammertime – which is exactly what happened – they made it to the start with 8 minutes to go.  The wind had actually picked up quite strongly and the work that Adrian and Chris had done on the rigging on the beach taking the mast up and down numerous times certainly worked, they set off like a rocket! Maintaining the lead the whole race. Dave and I had a shocking start and were jammed between Deb and Alex and had to tack away. 

Tony was going well with Dan, and was 3rd around the first mark. Deb did a fantastic capsize just in front of him but even that didn't put him off. 

Winners over the line were:-

Red Joker

2031 (by a second)

Without a Trace

Don't Panic 

Turned out that this day was actually windier than Saturday, I enjoyed my sail with Dave, we had great fun. With the boats packed up again, we had a lunch of free leftovers from the previous nights dinner and headed off. 

With a long list of jobs to do at home, Dave was in a rush to get back. The traffic wasn't too bad and we were making good time, following a storm which was raining out Clipsal the wind billowing the cover on the boat, we went over a rough patch of road as we turned onto the highway just outside of Port Wakefield, we decided that we would stop there to make sure everything was ok for the final stretch into the Adelaide amongst the traffic.  2 km before we got there we saw in the revision mirrors something we will never forget – the boat doing a back flip off the back of the trailer!. We pulled up instantly and could see the boat on the road, close to the edge thankfully, but on its side.  We ran to turn it up the right way and drag it to the verge, it was still on the jinker luckily and had narrowly avoided the vehicle behind.  With help from some passers by and Ashley who was not far behind we managed to get the boat back onto the trailer.  Darryl and Ashleigh also stopped to give us some rope as one of the supports had broken and the mast was adrift.  The back corner was badly damaged the side-stay tracks had taken the brunt of the sliding and the metal was shining through the black paint, the mast step was bent as were the spreaders, the cover was ripped and the jinker bent – apart from that Without a Trace still looked the shape of an NS.  It could have been so much worse.

With various modifications to the tying down system in place and extra ropes everywhere we headed off again, stopped at Port Wakefield to check she was still secure and checked another time about 50kms down the road before we got to the heavy traffic.  

Once back at Dave's house, the cover came off and we could have a good check over and were again astonished how little damage had occurred.  She has been to Hazelgroves for repair, the mast has been to Binks and Clifton has repaired the cover – she took to the water this week and won again – she and her skipper seem to be all ok.

19th March

With the excitement of Port Vincent over, Without a Trace in the repair shop and Dave away.

The last club heat was coming down to the wire, some very complicated calculations could see Deb and Ashley win but Alex and Nat should be able to defend their title. Deb did her best by winning the race – the rest of us should have got in-between her and Nat and Alex but we failed! Tom and Chris had half a swim. The Dart was sporting an old mainsail just to see how it would go – his result was back in the fleet so I guess this sail will be put back in the loft for emergency use only.

Dan took up the front spot with Darryl on Dare Devil – they finished 3rd and Darryl said after the race that Dan was “good”.

Nat was sporting a badge pre race with said “keep calm and sail on” - they went the long way to the first mark and were 5th around it, they worked through the fleet to finish 2nd and claim the Championship, Stealth was 4th with the non slip proving the difference between staying upright and gaining more points towards the submarine trophy. 

Bob was 5th but couldn't find his trailer on the beach – that would be because Dean had already taken it to the boat! - obviously used all his brain power sailing! Deb and Ashley ditched in the shallows and lost her willy (from the top of the mast).

In shallow water with centreboards up there was a Port/Starboard incident involving Don't Panic and Blue Moon with Blue Moon sporting a large hole in her side – off to the repairer with Chris paying the bill!

Deb was first and fastest and did deserve those glasses – it has been hard to win a set from the ever consistent rock n rollers – who look to have clinched the Consistency Trophy – will we ever hear the end of it!

2nd April

With this to be the last race of the season for Stealth, Without a Trace and Tom who had sacked Chris after his post race performance damage to Blue Moon, Tom somehow worked things to keep Don't Panic on the water by getting Jem to skipper the other blue boat. 

Dave and Dan were first around the first mark (just) and continued on to win. 

Stealth was close to the Dart at the start with Dean looking very relaxed in the bottom of the boat – he was trying to slow things down.  Dean said he would like to be close to the pin for the start – well we got as close as possible and hit it – but didn't capsize as we normally would of without the wonderful non slip surface, with a re rounding of the pin we were in catch up mode – I said to Dean  “why do we need to set extra challenges each week?”

We were going really well up wind though and were second around the first mark which was a remarkable comeback.  With fantastic reaches and a great breeze for some skippers this was worth missing the Showdown at Adelaide oval.  We checked our compass after the finish and had recorded a fastest speed of 13.2 knots, we tried to beat it on the way in but could only get to 12.2. - Dave reckons he got to 14 on the way in.

Daryl was on a cruise from Port Adelaide to Port Adelaide enjoying the food. Ashleigh had a new crew on board and was having such a great day that she decided to take her for a swim. 

Bob lost his whisker pole over the side because the string broke.  He had another frightening moment when a big shadow was cast upon him by,  not a space-ship but the massive spinnaker of Champagne Tent, apparently Dave Webber did not see him till the last minute.

With another Sharpie link to our fleet, Mystic Connection, who turns 30 next week needed a sheet-hand, Deb took up the challenge as Ashley had called her in the morning to let her know he couldn't sail, she did send an email around – but hadn't turned on her internet so no one got it.

Dave won over the line, John and Lesley were 2nd – and won the glasses, Stealth was 3rd, Tom and Jem were 4th then Bob and Christine and Modest Mouse. I finished off the afternoon by spilling my drink all over Bob's lightly coloured trousers and winning the chook!

2 races left... catch you next month




2015/16 Season - NS14 Association of South Australia

February News

I must first start with an apology:

Sorry Tom & Chris & Don't Panic – I was miss-lead to state they were not covering up last leg – they were instead attacking for first place!

30th January

A windy day for the fleet of 10. Alex and Nat took a punishing on the first work, with 4 boats causing them to crash tack. Bob and Chris decided to head out to the start and see how they were coping with the conditions, they did fine and stayed out, and finished the race.

Dean and I seem to be attracted to the top mark in a bad way – it has become our Bermuda Triangle every time we get near it we take a swim. I can advise that I have cancelled all Naturopath appointments as the Sinus clean out I get from Dean each week is working wonders – my nose is running well into Monday arvo.

We were not the only one to experience issues, Adrian had mainsheet issues. John & Lesley's boat fell over 3 times, and Bob's tiller extension had a magnetic attraction to the traveller.

The only one Without a Trace of an issue was Dave and Dan – who won comfortably. The other winners were Nat – who won the meat tray and The Dart who won the handicap glasses. 

Over the line: Without a trace, The Dart, 2031



State Heat Weekend 6th Feb saw us travel to Largs to support Daryl and Ashleigh who were sailing together on Dare Devil.  The wind was up and the tide was out – it was a water-bag and cut lunch job to drop the jinker to the high tide line. 

Finding the start line was our next challenge. 

Next was keeping the boat in one piece both 2031 and Stealth experienced broken tiller extensions.  Dean also had a mainsheet block which was in Stealth mode (very quiet)– it was not working!

With the overall result still between a few boats the Championship was there for the taking.

Race 1 was won in style by 1982 – Without a Trace

20 secs behind was Alex and Nat and 26 seconds in third was 2035 – Adrian and Chris

Race 2 was won in style again by 1982 Dave and Dan, a minute later was Adrian and Chris, 56 secs later was Powderburn and then 2031 who were 19 seconds after the blue boat.

Tim who was sailing with David in Meltdown had the most exciting of days with 5-6 swims and at one point after he had fallen out of the boat left David to sail on his own- he probably wasn't ready for that, the rescue boat asked if they were going in as the rest of the fleet had already crossed the line one way or the other – for Stealth it was with a minuscule tiller extension which caused us to spontaneously circle around 360 degrees without warning as the bit left attached kept slipping through Deans hand.  It got in this state as Dean was trying to straighten it between races – well it was now straight – it was just in 2 bits! On one of our pirouettes I took the full impact of the boom which caused my hat to go overboard and a very sore cheek – thank goodness for carbon fibre.

Also carrying a few “souvenirs” from the race was Libby who had bruises on her bruises.

Ashleigh saw a grey shape on the start line – it probably was a dolphin but with the fear the Bermuda Triangle had moved north the same fear could be applied to the 7m shark.  - luckily neither had moved north and 2051 had a swim free day.

All that can be said for Don't Panic is?

It was off to the very hospitable home of Darryl and Cathy for a very nice BBQ – preceded by some very delicious home made cold rolls and dumplings.

We were all back on the Sunday– except for Bob who was dancing to a different tune – the rock n roll tune

The breeze was beautiful again, the start line was easy to see and didn't move, the tide was still a long way out but we found out the day before the hot chips were good and we would surely have walked enough to have some by the end of racing.

Race 3 – 1982 didn't even need to race, they had already won – well done guys.

Won by Without a Trace, 14 seconds behind was Red Joker, next by 38 seconds was 2031, and then Powderburn and Stealth

Dean had spent $3.50 at Bunnings to make a new extension, Alex had rustled a spare one up from home, Sharon had given Dean a spare hat for me – with a clip on it!

Libby still had bruises.

Race 4 – Won by Without a Trace just ahead of Red Joker by 24 seconds then 2031, 1936 and 2051 that's Stealth coming good in a breeze!

1997 – Don't Panic – still a?

13th February – (very close to valentines day)

Dean called in sick – and didn't sound that great

Tom was away because Chris was taking part in the Military Tattoo in Melbourne

Dave called me with a crisis – he had left his very important bucket at Largs the previous week, this contained his forestay and several other integral rigging parts.  One call to the Fantastic, Generous, intelligent, handsome and awesome Darryl and the search was underway.

Dave had to sail with a botched up forestay.

I didn't get a sail but did catch up on some stuff at home.

The wind was light and the sea lumpy so not the best day, except for Darryl who was obviously touched with great Karma and won convincingly.

Dave had weed issues and also missed the shifts. Deb and Adrian engaged in a tacking dual with the blue boat coming out the winner. 

Bob won on handicap...

20th February – a SE breeze

Ash and Deb took turns to release some fluid into the sea and make the total weight of Powderburn much lighter. 

Tim and Darryl were both looking for crews – with none coming out of the woodwork they decided to sail together on Dare Devil.

Tom was seen on the beach with a red, black and green Texas in his jeans pocket – I stupidly asked him what they were for – as if the answer was not going to be obvious....autographs!

The Dazzling Darryl had not come empty handed – he had managed to locate Dave's precious bucket and was rewarded with a nice bottle of red. 

Nat and Alex arrived wearing exactly the same green T-shirts – both stating they were the first one to put it on, would this give them a Green Edge??

Dave received a call late in the morning from Dan to say he couldn't make it – the scramble was on to find him a crew for Club Heat 5.  He ended up with his brother Andrew, who hadn't sailed with him (or anyone else) for 6 years.

Without a proper watch they remarkably won the start and then took a small tack in towards the shore – which was costly.

Dean and I finally got a good start with almost clear air (we had to gas Alex and Nat to get it). We rounded the first mark first – where was Dave? – well strangely he was last, something we never see. 

Nat and Alex managed to overtake us on the 1st reach, we were going great until there was a loud bang – bridle had come undone – we had to stop and fix, then in an effort to sail like we had on the first leg missed all the shifts, a swim on the final downwind leg resulted in us finishing last – but we had ticked quite a few boxes. Bob hit a boat rounding a mark as the fleet was bunched up for most of the race. 

The green team won by 7 minutes and got the goblets.  Dave and Andrew worked their way from last to 4th.

Blue Moon worked their way up through the fleet and finished up having a great day as well.

27th February – Trophy Race

Stealth was resplendent on the beach sporting a new mainsheet block, very fancy wind indicator and most importantly some very strong looking non slip stuck to the deck – this should be the difference.

Deb took out David as Ashley was experiencing back pain and wanted to be fit and strong for Port Vincent.  They were looking good till the mast fell down – the pin came out of the side-stay – strange as they had not adjusted that for this week – was it loose from the previous week, did it rattle loose on the trip to the club or was it sabotage....? - possibly carried out by a guy wearing a hoody and using a van as a get away?

Alex broke his vang but managed to jury rig to continue.

Did Dean and I break anything or have a swim – no and no- we had one of our best races ever and finished 4th I reckon we would have won the goblets if Dave and Dan who sailed beautifully and won by 3 minutes and took home the glassware.

Jem was over the line at the start and was heard discussing transit lines and if skippers use them post race, he also had a swim downwind. 

Adrian & Chris finished 2nd and Tom and Chris (who must have been revived by the week off) were 3rd.

Bob sailed like a dog upwind. (this is actually what he told me – I didn't even need to make it up)

With such a beautiful breeze we are all fired up for our annual sojourn to Port Vincent.

See you next month





2015/16 Season - NS14 Association of South Australia

January News

Club Heat #3 – 5th December

A very hot day 40 degrees with perhaps not much breeze, a great day for my skipper to take off to do the christmas shopping. With Dave's crew Dan unavailable I was (surprisingly) the next choice.

Looking forward to a one race revival of the old team, but then dissapointed when the call came through that Dave had a better offer (not so surprising) to see his niece in Australia breifly from overseas. Luckily for me there was a 3rd option – Tony and Hammertime. Weather looked light but surprisingly Ok, and great for the light teams.

SA Travellers Trophy (Victor Harbor) Results (PDF)


Alex and Nat did well as always, so did Deb and Ashley, then John & Lesley, Chris and Tom and me and Tony – fast catching up to the dark blue boat at the end of the race– one more lap and we would have had them. Tony and I won the glasses.

13th December

Dan and Dave were back, but Bob was missing a crew and Tom was missing a skipper – so they decided to team up – 12 starters

Emma sailed with her Dad leaving her 10 week old baby in the arms of her husband. Great to see her on the water.

Adrian has been working on making his mast step fancy and removing the mast rake it was producing – approx 10 shackles, unfortunately it broke again and he is back to the drawing board. The other fancy thing he has been working on is the new NS14 website, which is up and running and looking fantastic!

Deb and Ash worked the shifts the best of the fleet and got the hooter, Without a Trace was second, 2031 3rd, Red Joker 4th and Stealth 5th

Mark roundings were close, so close in-fact that Stealth and the Dart touched them. Alex and Dave both gave Stealth a chance around the buoys.

Jem and Libby in Blue Moon enjoyed the reaching legs and had a close tussle with Modest Mouse and came out the victor.

Tim took out Meltdown, but had a swim and eventually came back in – great to see him on the water.

Winners on handicap were:




December xmas – new year break

Alex and Nat towed 2031 over to Canberra to sail in the 47th Nationals.

With mixed wind conditions they had some great results and some not so great results and ended up 10th Overall.

9th January - Crews Race

With teams rested after the break and a perfect 8 knot breeze for the crews race there was mixed emotions from the regular skippers who were not looking forward to being cramped at the pointy end.

Christine, Ashley and Tom and Chris on Red Joker did the full skippering thing working both the mainsheet and the tiller. For me I had 3 goals 1 – don't damage the boat by hitting any other boats

2- keep the mast pointing to the sky

3 – complete the course

Kane skippering Dare Devil with Darryl cramped up the front won over the line, followed by Nat in 2031, then Red Joker.

Chris was saying after the race, how do crews fit up there.

I was well back as the number one goal on the list needed a 3rd row start.

Dean took the main sheet for me so all I had to worry about was actually steering – some of the tacks were interesting as I think I am facing backwards to get through – there was a celebration when I went through and actually ended up on the side of the hull facing the correct way. Dean

didn't complain and continuously filtered instructions like “point up more” and “bear away” - sometimes straight after each other. I knew he was getting uncomfortable when he stood up the whole of one downwind leg – either that or he had been watching too much of the Nationals videos where the skippers (not the crews) spend a lot of time on their feet.

16th January

We took a trip down south to support our other boats at Victor Harbour Yacht Club and missed the TM Hardy – we had 11 boats which was an excellent turnout.

With me working hard to secure a crew for Tony – finally organising one with Luke from the Victor Harbour Club, he ended up with a nice young lady – Olivia, she had sailed with Luke before so knew her way around an NS.

Jem sailed with Kane's dad David. The rest of the teams remained unchanged.

Luke – the Victor representative couldn't even sail his boat Zagato as he damaged it the previous week and had un-repaired damage on the mast track. He sailed on an Evonne Cat.

With the weather light at about 8 knots (again) Dean decided that the brand new sails could come out – he reckons he “forgot” to bring them for the crews race.

They looked very impressive.

In the aqua waters, with a rolling swell it was hard for some boats to get a sighting on the line.

At the first start Darryl thought he was over, gybed back, got tangled in the pin via the anchor rope around his centreboard was called by Bob who was on starboard– perhaps his name needs to be changed from Dazzling to Dizzying as he did quite a few circles to get going.

Turns out it was Jem in Blue Moon who was over anyway....

The reaches were broad and we didn't have a loop, we were sort of going with the swells and at times you could not see the hulls, just the masts of the boats in front.

Dave resolutely went along the shore every upwind leg and won the first race, just in front of 2031 then Red Joker, Don't panic and Powderburn. Stealth was 6th with the new sails bringing us close to the main pack. Dizzying Dazzling Daryl and Kane were 7th then Blue Moon, Modest Mouse, Hammertime and finally the Rock n Rollers – perhaps their performance was linked to the fact that Christine left her gloves on Hammertime on the grass and sailed without any.

Race 2 was in slightly lighter breeze but still with the same swells.

Before the race was even underway Don't Panic passed a bit close to Powderburn and actually made contact. Dare Devil got a better start and so did Modest Mouse in-fact Ashleigh thought she was over and went back to restart.

Turned out it was Jem in Blue Moon again.....

Alex hit Deb – I think he is blaming a wave?

With the course the same – 2 x triangles boats did much the same as the previous race, and with the wind easing Nat and Alex sailed strongly to win by a minute over Dare Devil who was 20 seconds ahead of Dave and Dan. Next was Powderburn, Red Joker, Stealth, Don't Panic (Dean the sailed have already done their work!!!), Modest Mouse, Sweet Little Rock n Roller, Hammertime. Not surprisingly Jem and David in Blue Moon are recorded as OCS.

We all stayed for the race results and dinner of either Schnitzel or Lasagne – catered for by Luke and Belinda – some of us sailed with her Mum and Dad – Lyn and Rollo Kern back in the day.

The best part of the reading the results was a boat name that even our collective minds hadn't come up with previously – Victor Harbour Yacht club has renamed Deb's boat either Powerbum or Powderbum – either way anything with a Bum involved causes laughter – and laugh we did!

With Alex offering his parents house at Victor and Dave offering his house at Goolwa for overnight accommodation most of us stayed south and appreciated the generosity of the home owners.

New sails!

23rd January

10 NS's for this week, Tony sailed with sailing instructor Lachie who was telling everyone after the race how much fun he had – this is great advertising for us as a youth alternative!

It was a special week for Tony – his 50th birthday, Deb had discussed with him at Victor and worked out a “low key” celebration was in order so she made a delicious chocolate volcano cake – I bought a special black sparkly 50th balloon and a card, which everyone – even Vicki in the canteen signed.

We had a nice breeze for a change which did cause some tricky moments for the teams, but not for Tom and Chris, Tom had told Chris before the start of the race that he did not want any cold water on him – hopefully Chris achieved this. What he did achieve was a brilliant win ahead of Adrian and then Dave, what he failed to do in his attempt to keep Tom dry was cover up the last work – this resulted in the win but with only about 15 secs between all three boats he could have won by more. Dave and Dan after sailing hard all day forgot about their legs on the last tack and both slipped – was this a 15 second slip?? Deb and Ashley were 4th – when I checked with Ashley on their race he said Deb dropped the tiller a lot and hit him once with it.

With reports of a 7m shark in the area no one was planning to take a dip in the sea – or so I thought when on our last lap and after gaining on the fleet the whole race – rounding the treacherous top mark something happened and Dean was over the side – all I could see was his legs – the rest of him was in the water – I swung to the leeward side but to no avail the next minute I was in the water between the rapidly turning turtle hull and the boom. Once I made it through the tangle of ropes I could see Dean already reaching for the centreboard, luckily I hadn't had time to pull it up for the down wind leg. I went to hang like the sacrificial lamb on the bow until the boat came up – which was not very long but seemed forever. Dean got in and was “faffing about” at the back (turns out he was untangling the rudder from the mainsheet) I was shimming along the side and running out of ropes to hold on – with the fear of having my legs dangling any longer in the water. I reached into the boat calling out “Dean give me that strap” and launched myself in. Luckily no damage and we continued sailing – the last reach was “hectic” and we ended up with Jem still within striking distance, we got close but he finished ahead of us.

Over the line results

Don't Panic

Red Joker

Without a Trace


After the race the discussion did return to the possibility of seeing a shark – Christine was heard to say that Bob was more of a worry than any 7m shark.

They also had a capsise but were able to stand up and run if a shark was to swim up.

Adrian still has mast step issues and is back to the drawing board again!

Jem didn't prematurely start but he did miss out on the member draw on the Friday night of $370

We enjoyed post race celebrations and cake courtesy of Tony's birthday.


2015/16 Season - NS14 Association of South Australia

December News

7th November

A light breeze perfect for those light weather sailors like Deb and Ashley in Powderburn who beat Darryl and Kane in Dare Devil, Dean was a winner again... at the start only! - he really does need to come out of “stealth” mode for the rest of the race.

Bob was a winner he won the glasses AGAIN.

Tom and Chris were dissapointed not to receive a latte from John H who was on the rescue boat, they passed right by with the taste of milky coffee on their lips but clearly the second window was closed and they missed out.

2 x sharks missed out as well as we were all safely back on sure to watch the helicopters hover over them to heard them back out to sea.

John and Lesley got to have latte because their Main Halyard broke and they had to come in early – why don't you try that next time Chris! It would work for Dean and I.

Bob didn't have any after dark activities planned we have discovered that no dates = concentration on that Sweet little Rock n Roller! - It makes Christine's job way easier as well.


State Heat 1 & 2

Finally a southerly breeze and at 18 knots there were some teams who hadn't worked together in this type of a breeze. It didn't matter to the heavy weather specialist Dave Gordon and Dan on Without a Trace – they won both races.

The Don't Panic team remained calm and got 2 second places.

Adrian and Chris sailed well and nailed a 3rd in heat 1 and a 4th in heat 2.

Bob and Christine were just going to check out the start – they did well to stay out and finished both races – the question is were they building confidence or sandbagging???

Tony's boat Hammertime took a hammering in the swell (it is a made for a lake) and opened up to allow 30L of water in. I cannot believe that the inside needed a wash out.

Tony's was the start of a very long list of repair jobs – one of the most amusing was Darryl's boat Dare Devil - after finally managing to find a crew in the small form of Christian Knott from Adelaide sailing club they headed off out to the start, at some point there was damage to the tiller. Darryl came up with the ultimate solution so headed back to shore to lash his shackle key to the damaged tiller – worked beautifully..... until he had to head back to the beach to add another shackle to the forestay, Christian fell out close to shore but they managed to tip the boat over on the sand to make the change only to discover the repair needed the use of the shackle key which was lashed to the tiller …. Damn it!

The Dart damaged the boom vang and came in.

Nat and Alex missed the first race with a broken main halyard on 2031 – they finished 2nd in the second which is a great result since they weigh about 110kg together.

Don't Panic lost the hook for the whisker pole and a fitting came off Red Joker.

But the most spectacular of damage occurred on Stealth with my very experienced skipper doing some not so tricky manoevers. We sailed beautifully in the first race to finish 4th and were looking good in the second with a 3rd place on the cards, when what could only be described as an “oh shit” moment as we were bearing down on a port tack to the top mark with Hammertime and then a very small gap to Powderburn on a starboard tack. Having not been at this speed together ever our minds were working hard to come up with a pain free solution – should I free off? – no that would speed us up more and we would T-Bone one of 2 blue boats! Dean remarkably came up with a solution that even I hadn't thought of – leave the side of the boat – yes he fell out!!! - one minute we where half way through the fastest tack ever, the next I could see the entire underside of the boat with a red mainsheet stretched across it – I knew Dean was on the other side – literally! A new challenge for us as a team – how do we get this slippery sucker up??? - with razor sharp carbon fibre foils it was not without blood. She did come up and we did get back in but with the whisker

pole now through the jib she just went over again, by this time Dave was on his way back to the top mark – our race was done. We did manage to get from the turtle position to have the mast pointing to the sky again and limped back to shore with Dean deciding then and there that we needed some grip tape on the deck and he needed some non slip shorts and perhaps some gloves.

State Heat Sunday – 2 more races

With the breeze swirling around the compass points it was way less fun than the previous day.

We had 12 boats which is a great effort.

Tom and Chris got 2 seconds, Dave got a 1st in the first race, Alex got a second in the second race.

Bob was no where to be seen – he was dancing...... in the day????!!!

Dean and I worked to borrow a jib, Adrian kindly lent us 2 but we couldn't fit our forestay through, luckily Dave had brought one down as well – so that's the one we went with.

20th November

20+ knots of breeze – finally something to work with.

Dean had purchased some essentials – new set of sails – (not arrived), grip tape, gloves, new downhaul and sunglasses and gone back to his old boots – I did notice the slippery shorts are still with us! - none of these were fitted for this windy day though. The boats headed for the start. Darryl broke a halyard on the way out – not something you can lash with a shackle key so he came in. Tony, with ultra nimble fit crew Deb had a great start in the duct taped up Hammertime – Dean and I were behind them on the first downwind leg – and saw Tony “bottom out” on a couple of waves – they headed back in. They did have a swim before the start but this didn't count for the submarine trophy.

Chris, the most caring of skippers, refused to put Tom's arm in any possible harm – after it was damaged to the point of requiring surgery at Port Vincent last year. Tom was looking longingly at the rough seas but Chris said “No Tom, think about your arm, this is not the weather for you”

Ashleigh had Sue on board Modest Mouse and with a bit more “ballast” they sailed really well and came second – they had a swim after the finish – which also doesn’t count.

Dave and Dan the heavy weather champions won in fine style but whilst talking to Dave after the race he told me the fleet was catching up because HE HAD A SWIM!!!! - it is a rare event – only happening bi-annually but it did happen at the last gybe mark – Dean even told me whilst we were sailing – I think I dismissed this information at it was so unusual.

Dean remained on board for the whole race which was comforting, we did have another “oh s.. “moment when we were heading for the middle of BERT, now that would have been painful – with the speed we were travelling going behind was not a fear free option so we decided to point up and go in front which was also not without fear – it is quite difficult to sail with your eyes shut.

Stealth also took a couple of grannies out – we used them at every gybing opportunity. Deb and Tony only had one grannie on board and that nasty grannie caused a capsize.

Nat and Alex had none because when Alex suggested to Nat that they grannie the gybe she said

“what's a Grannie?” - they just gybed.

Buy the time we had finished the wind was up to 26 knots – I think we did our race in 45 mins.

Dave turned his speed puck on at the end of the race, it gives the fastest speed – 19 knots.

Dean refused to slow down at any point and even raced a sharpie in to shore. There was a big gap between the sea and the underside of the boat and I did have to mention to him a couple of times that there was not much boat in the water he just told me that's when the boat is at its fastest. He finally slowed down about 20m from shore, just in time to get the board up.

We were the only boat not to swim before, after or during the race.

Modest Mouse – Ashleigh and Sue were 1st on handicap and took home the glasses

Without a Trace - Dave Gordon & Dan Adams 2nd

2031 – Alex & Nat 3rd

Stealth – Dean Crichton & Lisa Brock 4th

28th November

With the “fun” of the previous week over and the weather back to the light fluctuation of 7 knots

from any direction and with the swell in the opposite direction the anticlimax was significant.

The light weather specialists lead the way with Nat and Alex finishing 9 minutes ahead of Deb, third was Tom and Chris who did let Tom sail this week followed by Bob and Christine, there was a lot of position changes between Jem and Libby and John J & Lesley followed by Dean and I.

With the possibility of Bob winning the glasses AGAIN I bolted from the club to avoid him telling me all about it with his usual vigour.

Thankfully 2031 won by so much that they won the glasses the rightly deserved and put the Rock N Roller into second place on handicap, Powderburn was 3rd and Hammertime 4th.

Looking forward to the next race


Stealth crew.


2015/16 NS14 State Championships

SA State Championship Scratch final results held at Brighton Seacliff Yacht Club Nov 2015 and Largs Bay Yacht Club Feb 2016

1 1982 Without a Trace - Dave Gordon Daniel Adams 6 Points
2 2031 2031 - Alex Poole Nat Poole 16 Points (Countback)
3 2035 Red Joker - Adrian Adams Chris Rivett 16 Points (Countback)
4 1997 Don't Panic - Chris Hart Tom Vercoe 18 Points
5 1936 Powderburn - Deb Colebatch Ashley Barclay 25 Points
6 2015 Dare Devil - Daryl Emery Kane Rowe 34 Points
7 2042 The Dart - John Jenkins Lesley Jenkins 36 Points
8 2051 Stealth - Dean Crichton Lisa Brock 42 Points
9 1900 Blue Moon - J.Woodroffe Libby John 50 Points
10 1927 Modest Mouse - Ashleigh Emery Susan Lee 59 Points
11 1919 Sweet Little R&R - Bob Couch Chris Grigg 65 Points
12 2037 Hammertime - Tony Clark Toni Chisholm 79 Points
13 1976 Meltdown - Tim Ellis Dave Rowe 82 Points
14 1994 Seabreeze – Emma Punke Steve Punke 83 Points


Race day at Largs Bay Yacht Club

2015/16 Season - NS14 Association of South Australia

October/November News

After a long winter, season finally started – or did it ?– with the very light wind you would have to wonder.

Bob started his season by “slumming it” upstairs attending the Opening Day lunch, we heard there were prawns and Russian caviar on offer– yet none were thrown over the balcony to the peasants below.

It seemed to work on Bob as he took off from the start like Black Caviar. Jem had the best start of everyone and lead the whole way around – he was fortunate to be ahead of the pack enough that he didn't have to be part of the barging that Black Caviar maintained at several buoys (don't mention the Sabre or the rules!). Deb and Ashley had to do the same thing on the next lap.

Dean and I were “safely” a few boat lengths back so could watch the fun unfold. The most fun was had by Chris and Tom in Don't Panic who were part of a “Sharpie Sandwich” and ended up with a lovely white stripe on their blue hull, and were hooked up on the anchor rope.

“Sharpies to the left, Sharpies to the right into the boy of death sailed 1997”

We have decided that all NS's apart from 1919 (Bob) should be encased in bubble wrap to prevent additions to original artwork. Thankfully the course was shortened and Jem was the big winner, with Black Caviar Bob second. The rest of the fleet swapped positions continuously. Darryl sailed with newcomer Robert, who in his youth sailed with Helen Ward's daughter Jessica.


October/November News cont'd

17th October

We got our 2 Bob's worth with Bob teaming up with newcomer Robert.

With a light and shifty South Easterly breeze and a South Westerly swell it was a nauseatingly slow uncomfortable day (especially for Lesley). Alex and Nat who were obviously in a different time zone or breeze as they won by a leg and a half.

Dave, just back from hiking in Japan and with Dan not being available missed nothing! By not turning up. Jem had another fantastic race, this time with Cain on board, he went from 9th – 2nd – 4th -3rd. Dean and I were there, but did seem to spend most of the time on the wrong side of the shifts. We were somewhat un-stealth like with a very noisy mast step.

Winners over the line were:- Alex & Nat, Adrian and Chris, Jem and Cain, Deb and Ashley – though the result sheet said that Jake was the winner – Amazing! Adrian won on handicap. 

Deb and Ashley saw a pod of dolphins, Dean said he saw a dolphin, but we didn’t see it come up for a breath of air – it was something grey and big and probably a dolphin.

Bob without the aid of a free lunch peaked way too early and was dressed in his sailing gear hours before anyone else but didn't have the success of the previous week.


24th October – Club Heat 1

“Same s...., different day” - yep another south easter.

Alex and Nat headed off to NZ for a conference and then a hike. Tom was helping Bob rigging up as Chris was unwell. There was some discussion to work out if Tom was going to be sailing with a better or worse skipper for the race.

Deb and Ashley were keen and the first to get their gear on. The rest of us observed the AP flag and held off on the wetsuit struggle.

Dave spent ages saying how the wind was dropping and that a race was unlikely but as the minutes ticked closer to the start time he got changed! Remarking on how he still fits into his wetsuit – I don't reckon his weight has changed in the 20+ years that I have known him.

Lesley was not keen after the experiences of the previous week, they (Lesley) made the decision not to sail. Dean also put me out of certain knee pain by calling it quits early on. In the calm and quite of decision making an explosion was heard, tragedy surrounded Tim's trailer tyre. He has not had good luck with trailers on the beach.

John Jenkins and I signed Daryl Emery's membership form – welcoming him for the season. Dan paid up. Tony enlisted the Toni C as a crew, unfortunately all she had to do was de-rig Hammertime as the race was postponed (thankfully). Some of us went for a swim, some had a beer, and some went home – all of us looking forward to a more favourable breeze for the next race.


30th October – club heat 2

Deb was away at martial arts grading. John and Lesley were playing golf in Mildura (or were they on a “secret” pokies trip??). Alex and Nat are still away. Chris is back with the benefit of some “medication”

Daryl has taken on Cain as his crew, they dazzled to the lead, however, there was an infringement on the start line with daughter Ashleigh in Modest Mouse, both were loudly proclaiming they were in the right – my skipper Dean who watched the event unfold – thinks that Ashleigh was in the right.

Stealth was in the best position to see this as we were the only boat to make a start on Port (Tawny) – it worked beautifully and we were in the lead...... for 10 seconds......

Daryl continued to dazzle the fleet until halfway through the race when he thought the course flag on the start boat was for the shorter course and began a leg in a slightly different direction. He managed to see the error in his ways, changed course and maintained the lead, but gave Dave and Adrian a window of opportunity. The last triangle was interesting with Dave and Dan and Adrian and Chris vying for second place, with Tom and Chris next in line. Adrian knew there was a problem on Red Joker when Don't Panic began closing in – the source of the speed restriction was weed on his rudder, with this removed he held of the dark blue boat but had given Without a Trace some much needed breathing space.

Dean and I had our best day out since we teamed up. After our spectacular start which saw us at the back of the fleet by the top buoy all we could do was work our way through the fleet, which is what we did with some very concentrated skippering by Dean and not much of a contribution by myself. We passed Bob and Christine (always a feel good moment), Blue Moon and finally Modest Mouse. We ended up 5th. Jem and Libby started well but dropped back to 6th. Tim and his daughter in Meldown retired early.

Patience and persistence was the order of the day, both of which eluded Bob who obviously was focussed on post race activities. He was a late apology for our meeting on Friday night as he obviously thought a date with a lovely lady was better than discussing NS14 stuff with me, Deb, Ashley and John H.

A second date was on the cards for Sat evening as well! Bob and Christine slipped back through the fleet because of this – or was it the skipper's impeccable decision making! Time will tell. Bob will probably blame the weather or something!

Daryl and Cain in Daredevil were first Dave and Dan in Without a Trace were second, Adrian and Chris were third over the line.

Here is hoping that there is more than 5 knots of breeze really soon – though we will need retraining to cope!

Catch you on the water

Lisa (Stealth crew)


2014/15 NS14 State Championships

Congratulations to Modest Mouse, Alex Poole and Natalia Jastrzebsk, winners of the 2014/15 NS14 South Australian State Championships. Heats were sailed at Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club, Adelaide Sailing Club and Port Vincent Tacht Club.

John Jenkins and Lesly Jenkins sailing The Dart were winners on handicap. Click on the link below to view the full results.


Final Results (Scratch)

1. 1927 Modest Mouse - Alex Poole and Natalia Jastrzebsk (9 points)
2. 1936 Powderburn - Deb Colebatch and Ashley Barclay (11 points)
3. 2035 Red Joker - Adrian Adams and Chris Rivett (13 points)
4. 2045 The Dart - John Jenkins and Lesley Jenkins (16 points)
5. 1982 Without a Trace - Dave Gordon and Lisa Brock / T Forbes (23 points)
6. 1919 Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller - Bob Couch and Chris Grigg (26 points)
7. 1997 Don't Panic - Chris Hart and Tom Vercoe (28 points)
8. 1952 Enter the Dragon - Christain Knott and Amelia Knott (36 points)
9. 1900 Blue Moon - Jem Woodroffe and Libby Sue/ Sue Lee (48 points)
10. 2037 Hammertime - Tony Clark and Lisa Brock (54 points)
11. 1949 Smoke and Mirrors - John Haines (59 points)
12. 1994 Seabreeze - Emma Barnes (62 points)

Final Results (Handicap)

1. 2045 The Dart - John Jenkins and Lesley Jenkins (13 points)
2. 2035 Red Joker - Adrian Adams and Chris Rivett (15 points)
3. 1936 Powderburn - Deb Colebatch and Ashley Barclay (18 points)
3. 1927 Modest Mouse - Alex Poole and Natalia Jastrzebsk (18 points)
5. 1919 Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller - Bob Couch and Chris Grigg (24 points)
6. 1997 Don't Panic - Chris Hart and Tom Vercoe (29 points)
7. 1982 Without a Trace - Dave Gordon and Lisa Brock / T Forbes (34 points)
7. 1900 Blue Moon - Jem Woodroffe and Libby Sue/ Sue Lee (34 points)
9. 1952 Enter the Dragon - Christain Knott and Amelia Knott (35 points)
10. 2037 Hammertime - Tony Clark and Lisa Brock (44 points)
11. 1994 Seabreeze - Emma Barnes (48 points)
12. 1949 Smoke and Mirrors - John Haines (56 points)


Past News from South Australia

Relive the memories of previous seasons by following the links below to view news stories and articles from the archives. Have fun, enjoy.

2014 / 2015 Season News

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2012/2013 Season News

NS14 News – March 2015

With Nat and Alex safely in Second Valley at their wedding, and a couple of short (very short) races and a couple of other significant boat attending the wedding, Hammertime was the boat to beat, with an Academy Award winning performance to secure the Consistency Trophy.

It was great to see Ash and her crew trying out Modest Mouse with an intention to purchase, another Cherub sailor joining our fleet – we hope so.

Ash sailed very well in the light conditions to be first over the line, Hammertime loves the light weather and we were the first official boat to finish the race.

Adrian and Chris were first in the second race and we were third, another excellent result.

As Deb and Dave were one of the official wedding guests, Ashely offered himself around as a crew. He turned out to be 3rd on a list of 4 for Chris Hart and found to his surprise that other skippers, either found him to heavy or too old – being a NS14 crew is a tough gig!

Chris's exceptional regular crew, Tom has just undergone surgery on his arm as a result of sailing with Chris at Port Vincent, his injury just slightly worse than ever trustworthy crew Chris on Bad Joker who was sporting several bruises and a black eye - Oh! Adrian surely that is not the way to keep a crew! Unless you are following the old theory of “treat em mean – keep em keen”?

Bob also sailed at Port Vincent with the express reason to stretch his jib to make it bigger to perform better in the light conditions we have been experiencing.

21st March

Deb got Jake out on the water as a crew – It seems he really enjoyed his day out however it was a frustrating day with sloppy conditions. Here's hoping he gets 2031 back out on the water before 2031 and hopefully in 2016.

The extremely consistent sailing of Hammertime went out the window today, mostly (or probably entirely due to the high level of frustration and discomfort oozing from the crew.

Chris Hart sailed with a mate as Ashley was too heavy and old (or was it because he was away?), he also won the goblets – well done Mr Hart.

First over the line was Alex and Nat clearly still in love even after the wedding day though exhausted from hiking out all day. Bad Joker was next followed by the Dart (Lesley was complaining of sore knees as well).

27th March – Crews Race....

Great to see Libby back on board after all her treatment. Jem treated her to a first over the line – unfortunately with it being the long anticipated crews race she didn't receive a hooter or a gun, but there was smiles all round.

With skippers refusing to crew with an array of dodgy reasons, sick wives, sick crews, sick them selves there were not that many starters. Poor John Haines desperate for a sail decided to take me on as a skipper, a decision I am sure he is still regretting, he should have sent me back to the beach after I was scraped down the side by a 505 and did several circles 100 m off the shore. I continued to circle each tack in a dizzying display of facing backwards and trying to change hands with main sheet and tiller (once I worked out that you did need to change hands), it was is commonly know as a “dogs breakfast” and I don't think I could buy John enough beers to make up.

Ashley sailed really well and was not too heavy or too old and got the gun, next was Chris and Adrian who was complaining about sore knees – in 3rd place was Nat and Alex- Nat was exhausted. I was morally 4th though could not sail faster than the tide to actually cross the finish line. I am sure that we all now have a greater appreciation of each other.

Alex is now in stealth mode with a mast, sails and foils but no hull! - the reason for this is that Ash has bought Modest Mouse and will be joining the fleet next season – really great news guys.

With the end of the season very close, we are working on increasing the numbers even further with the following suggestions supplied by Chris Hart – I reckon he is onto something.


I have thought about how we can attract people into sailing and the NS14 in particular. I have observed that the demographic (20 to 35 age group) we need to reach appear to be enamoured with Reality T V shows such as the following …. My Kitchen Rules, Australian Idol, The Voice, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, The Shark Tank and The Block etc. Perhaps we could initiate a strategy that would entice this group to become involved in NS14‘s,. and sailing as a whole. Allow me to introduce some Sailing Reality initiatives.

1. My Cockpit Rules

Get 2 high profile sailors (preferably 1 with an exotic foreign accent) to act as judges.

Competitors, over a period of time, show their crew-anally skills at

Boat preparation, Pre race food, In race catering, After race drinks, The BBQ as well as standard cockpit arts, Splicing, whipping and knots.

The finalist should guarantee a position as a NS14 crew.

2. The Crew Tank.

Four nautical heavyweights make up the panel. Applicants will present before the panel their ground breaking brainwaves I.e. New self tacking jib system, Foil profiles, mast rake theory etc. The panel will put their support behind the best application and mentor that winner into a successful NS14 career.

3. The Deck.

Teams of 2 will be tasked with restoring an N S 14. Each week they will be work on a particular area of the craft i.e. Foredeck, Cockpit, Blades, Rig, Trailer, etc

Points will be awarded for originality, colour co-ordination, attention to detail, fittings and fixtures. The finished boats will be auctioned and the Deck Heads would readily be accepted into the sailing ranks.

4. I’m a Crew Get Me Out Of Here.

An eclectic mix of hopefuls will be taken to an exotic Club location where they will undergo a variety of challenges to prove their suitability as an NS14 crew. Ordeals would include, Donning wet foul smelling sailing clobber, Eating soggy health bars and other substances from the depths of sailing bags, Pulling dolly’s through soft sand, Verbal skipper-al abuse, Severe sunburn, blisters and swimming around upturned boats. The eventual winner would have proved beyond doubt their suitability as an NS14 crew.

5. The Crew.

Four skippers will sit in large high backed chairs with their backs to the contestants. One at a time each contestant will take centre stage and perform vocal calls such as “Starboard”, “Buoy Room”,” Ready to Tack”’, “You’re a great Skipper”.

When a judge hears what he likes the sound of, he presses a button and his chair will swivel round to face the contestant who will be mentored into a great sailing performer.

6. NS14 Idol.

Aspiring crews audition before a selection panel, their suitability to be a successful

N S 14 sailor. Those that get through that process, perform live before hyped up audiences and demonstrate their sailing talents till only one is left sailing. We have a winner and a new NS14 Idol is discovered.

NS14 News - January 2015

06/12/2014 – a windy one!

Dave missed yet another windy day, perhaps its only windy whilst he is not sailing.
Alex and Nat had lots of swims or almost swims – depending on if you speak to Alex or Nat. I am yet to record the actual numbers but knowing that Alex wants his name on a trophy – I reckon he is well on his way to winning this one.

Bob chose also to miss this windy race, preferring to reap the benefits of his own wind during the election process. Tony had fitted our compass on speedo mode for this race, we did a personal best of 13.1 knots down wind our fastest reach yet! - we still smile about it – we have improved dramatically on last seasons efforts as we were fast and steady and didn't even look like going for a swim – luckily. Jumbo and Leslie also had a great race and finished first – perhaps their new sign writing, courtesy of Alex helped. With boats dropping off the back end of the fleet rapidly – we finished 4th. Deb broke a halyard and tried to fix it, in the water, but with a wedding scheduled for the late arvo on the other side of town, they came ashore.

Over the line 
The Dart 
Don't Panic 
Modest Mouse 

The Dart
Don't Panic
Modest Mouse


Hot dry day – huge fires in the Adelaide Hills and no sailing

20/12/14 – club heat

With a crew re-shuffle for the race in an attempt to keep the office politics out. Tony sailed with Dave Colebatch, I sailed with Deb as Ash had hurt his back. Bob sailed with John. Dave was back and had Toni on board. It was a nice 12 knot day and Dave and Toni won by a couple of minutes from Alex and Tony who obviously benefited from the crew swap.

Without a Trace, Modest Mouse, Hammertime, The Dart, Don't Panic, Powderburn, Seabreeze, Sweet Little Rock n Roller.

27th no sailing – nationals

10/01/2015 crews race, another windy one but a bleak one– too windy for crews to skipper. Lucky for me my skipper was in Hollywood. Other crews also had the benefit of their skippers being unavailable as crews. Due to a total lack of numbers at the club, there was no racing.

17th January – TM Hardy

Light breeze, Dave away again as a result of sailing several short races (successfully) in a Laser but damaged his knee quite badly and is out for 2-6 weeks! Ash was recovered from his back injury and the blue boat powered to win by 5 mins – unfortunately didn't beat the sharpies – but were close. Tom and Chris did everything right, had the boat beautifully balanced and showed great speed (then the race started!) The racing was close between all the fleet (except Deb who was obviously relishing having Ashley back on board), racing got even closer at the finish with Hammertime taking a chance on a port tack to beat Seabreeze by seconds!

We were duty class and the fleet carried out all tasks extremely well – the sausages were tastier than normal and the Hammertime crew took on the job of selling the raffle tickets – Tony immediately went into salesman mode and sold a record number of tickets (16) to a vegetarian!!!!

24th January 2015

Adrian and Chris finally reaped the rewards of one on one with Peter V after the race – with the secret working extremely well (not actually much of a secret as Adrian has loaded onto the website) -they were first and won the glasses. With the wind and the waves all over the place Bob has decided to name his boat an accurate description of this race – the Wallowing Slug – we reckon there is enough letters already on the side of the boat to make the new name with just a re-shuffle.

Deb and Ash were second and Alex and Nat were third and were getting closer as the wind dropped off. Many “gardens” were cleared off centreboards and rudders throughout the race.

Alex's boat is for sale – perhaps he is buying a new one for Nat as a wedding present! I think she may be a bit small for the boat he has in mind – a MG – an NS with the full enchilada (now there's a boat name Alex).

There seemed to be 2 races in the one race (or 3 if you count Chris and Tom – which most of us don't) as the top three were about half a leg ahead of Don't Panic and then a further half a leg back was the Wallowing Slug, the Dart and Hammertime. With lots of position changes throughout – Hammertime was the big winner with some well thought out sail settings and sailing techniques – Always making sure that the skipper was at maximum comfort. We managed to beat the other 2 boats at the finish line.

Tony really got into the “tour down under” mode by wearing his lycra – he left his boardies and rashy at home and also discovered post shower that he also forgot his towel. Either that or he is auditioning for the same genre film as Alex was a few weeks ago. Jumbo dunked Lesley in the water a few times on the dead run and declared the day Shitsenhousen

Winners over the line were
Adrian, Deb, Alex, Chris, Tony, Bob and John.

Handicap winners were: 
Adrian, Alex, Deb, Chris, Tony, Bob, John.

Red Joker and Modest Mouse went to the Nationals in NSW, Alex says:-
“Nat and I enjoyed the experience of the nationals, enjoyed some good results plus some disappointment when our mast broke and we missed two races. It has also given us a clear guide on the areas that we need to improve on.”

Modest Mouse finished 19th over all and Red Joker was 25th

Lisa/Adrian's nationals report is available here ...DOWNLOAD PDF

Catch you next month

Adelaide Sailing Club news

Saturday 17th Jan
The first ASC race for the new Year saw two NS14s hit the water with Kyle Knott (1950) and his two boys Jackson and Ethan taking on Christian Knott (1952) and his daughter Amelia. The light conditions and copious amounts of weed made things tricky, however both NS’s started well and were evenly paced up the first work. Christian slipped away on the reach and Kyle was not able to keep touch. Despite losing to his brother, Kyle was very happy with his new purchase as well as how well his boys went in their first race. Hopefully Duncan (1933) will join us after Australia Day and will see 3 NS14’s at Adelaide Sailing Club.

In other news:
· 1952 will be racing at Milang at Easter, not sure if 1952 will be there or at Lake Bonney
· Christian has sold his International Canoe, to a UK buyer (which saw an Adelaide-Geelong-Adelaide road trip last Friday to get to the i14 container). This has freed up space in his shed – could there be an NS build happening soon?

Christian Knott


NS14 News – November 2014

I have been advised by the non panicking crew on “don't panic” that some of my facts in the previous article were incorrect? - A response was promised but as yet one has not been received – perhaps my facts were actually true? One fact which did turn out to be incorrect was the one saying that Emma was sailing with her husband, when in fact she was sailing with her Dad – oops! Sorry Steve.

Trophy race – 8th Nov
Measurement time – Tony was measured but came up a bit short, but was signed off by measurer John Haines – its just a few millimetres so I am sure we will be fine – or perhaps he could CGI or foam construct something to make the mast the correct length. Jem is still waiting in the measurement line. 

A windy day – 18+ to start and a lumpy sea.
Dean did a spectacular windsurfer start, and continued to make Sharon work really hard to keep the boat flat, so hard in fact that she has been out injured ever since. Tony and I left the beach last – but had a spectacular trip to the start boat with Tony inventing a new trophy for personal submarine – he did manage to submerge himself twice on the way to the start – he did hang on to the mainsheet and steered the boat up and with me launching to the leeward side a big test of crew response and care factor, we made the start line without a swim(s). After the race he was wowed and mesmerised by the rainbow patterns on the jib – I couldn't see them – perhaps because I was not under water!

Adrian had a great start and won the race – this was due to some extremely great pole work by his trusty crew Chris. Deb went from second to fifth and back to second – where she finished. Alex was sporting a new set of sails, but had a timer issue and started last but went on to finish 3rd. Dave was in Sydney for the day. Bob chickened out. John and Lesley had an eventful day with the Quell not taking effect as usual, rendering Lesley sea sick.  Back on shore and after a refreshing and warm shower she was seen consuming coke and chicken chips in a bid to recover.  Jem enjoyed the race more as the wind dropped off – it's tricky getting to know a new boat in these conditions.  Tony proceeded to wash his hair thoroughly two more times! - talk about saving a skipper.....

NS14 Consistency Race 3
1st - Hammertime, Tony Clark
2nd - Red Joker, Adrian Adams
3rd - Powderburn, Debbie Colebatch
Fastest - Red Joker, Adrian Adams

Glasses were also handed out for the previous 2 races- 

Modest Mouse
Sweet Little Rock N Roller

Liquid Insanity
Without a trace

In a boost to our confidence the Hammertime team are now sporting additional tumblers and wine glasses. 

15th November Club Heat – wrong …... no wind – but Nat did win the meat tray!
We enjoyed a fantastic pizza night at Jem and Karen's place in Belair.

22nd November
City of Holdfast Bay – no, not this weekend. We were greeted at the club with heavy rain and lightening. When the weather did break, most NS14's did start rigging their boats – with the hope that the carbon masts if hit by lightening would turn into diamonds! This did not happen and neither did the race, another wind free day.

Whilst there was no sailing the hard working delegate was working on filling empty crew spots.  Already successful with Toni now sailing with Dave, more crews were still needed.  We now welcome Beck who will sail with John Haines.  A late request for a crew for Jem who's faithful crew Libby is out for several months after undergoing surgery.  We are all thinking of her and hope she gets well soon. I did remember that Pikey had a possible crew available – with some after hours negotiation secured Sue for Jem.

29th November – 2 x state heats scheduled and the weather forecast dodgy.
12 boats – with only 1 – Enter the Dragon being from Adelaide – a great result to have almost everyone on the water! With Alex sporting very “Anchorman” Movember facial hair making him look like he should be the star in a certain genre film.  Filming aside, he was a winner on the water (with Nat)– blitzing Dave and Toni in the first race by 3 minutes in very light breeze, Deb and Ash were not far behind. Then John and Lesley, Tom and Chris, Christian and Kevin, Tony and I, Adrian and Chris, Bob and Christine, John and Beck, Jem and Sue and Emma and her Dad (got it right this time). I had forgotten to wear my watch which did nothing to dampen our excellent starts because of a fail safe back up– This is Hammer-time’s best race yet. The tide was a big factor and a certain blue boat got a little too close to the top mark and paid the penalty. Close racing which is fantastic. The course was shortened thanks to the team on the committee boat who wanted us to get the next heat done.

Race 2 started cleanly. 
Hammertime had to tack early which, we have discovered can be the result of great start, there are lots of boats around!  We did tack back to go along the shore. Shortly after the Dart tacked out to sea and kept going in a very brave move to blitz the fleet, but the tide got the better of him and this move clearly did not pay off.  Alex was again leading, Dave second and Deb third.  In the dying moments of the race, down wind – Deb and Ash and the Tequila are excellent at this – got in front of Without a trace. At one point Deb, checking on the closest rivals asked Ashley who was next behind them.  Ashley very correctly answered – the candidate for Fisher (as shown below). Enter the Dragon was trying to force Bad Joker off the course on the final leg, we were hoping they would both miss the finish flag – but they didn't – Adrian held Christian off. 

More close racing and Deb and Beck got to try out their poles.
Results of this race over the line were:-
Modest Mouse, Powderburn, Without a Trace, the candidate for Fisher, Red Joker, Enter the Dragon, Blue Moon, Hammertime, Don't Panic, Smoke and Mirrors, Sea Breeze, The Dart.
With sausages on sale at the reduced price of $1 – I asked Tom and Chris how they liked the look of the Hammertime transom (trash talk is always appropriate).  Apparently there is not much of a transom and therefore not much to like – dissapointing.

Club race results 
Modest Mouse – Alex and Nat
Sweet Little Rock N Roller – Bob and Christine
Hammertime – Tony and Lisa

Looking forward to more close racing over the coming weeks with new teams bonding and old teams re-bonding or calming whichever is the case. Catch you next time.


Chris and Tom- from Liquid Insanity to Don’t Panic

Red Joker- Adrian and Chris cruising

Sweet Little Rock and Roller- Bob and Christine racing Tony and Lisa

Hammertime-Tony and Lisa on a day they submerged the boat as well!

NS14 News – October 2014

Opening Day – finally, and with a perfect breeze.

It was great to see Emma and her husband out on “Sea breeze” and Dean Crichton with crew Sharon with their clearly visible boat -”Stealth”

As Tony was O/S I sailed with Dave – first time for several years, I found this boat incredibly slippery!
Alex and Nat slipped – over! (Tom – my assistant editor and I are keeping numbers this season)
I think most crews had trouble with their pole work, I managed to get the bobble on the end of a tweaker stuck in the end of the pole which prevented it extending more than a foot above the deck, apparently this has never been done before.

Tom apparently needs more practice on his pole work as well. Dave and I were the first boat in the whole fleet to give 3 cheers to the Commodore, Ashley was wondering if I would remember what boat I was actually on! - there has been a few.

Without a Trace
Modest Mouse 
Liquid Insanity
Sweet little Rock n Roller 
And almost Sea breeze.

Opening day music and burgers were enjoyed – however disco dancer – oops! Rock n Roller Bob said the music was not “proper” - I can only assume that he felt the music not conducive to his style of dancing! NS14 Fleet to Chris and Tom – “are you getting a new boat”? Tom and Chris – “no – what new boat”

18th October – trophy race – 7 boats
Northerly in the morning usually equals nothing in the arvo.  We waited an hour for the start, had about 1 hour of nice breeze before not much again. There was a lot of too'ing and fro'ing with the first 3 boats. Some crews had lost concentration some kicked ass (no I didn't make that up – it was a directive from the disco boat).
Tony and I struggled in the light breeze – our inertia just not going fast enough forward.  On the positive side, the new mast, and sails were beautiful, the jib set nicely and looked great.

Dave was working from home whilst I was working as a good delegate should on finding him a crew. The final mark of the shortened course turned into a dogs breakfast with boats “parked” all over the place – it was a struggle and special thanks to Barnsey for giving us a bit of help back to shore.

Modest Mouse
Red Joker

Biggest news this week is Alex got a spot on the top (of the boat shed) – everyone knows this is one place where you have to start on the top and work your way to the bottom – Deb has been on the bottom for years!
NS14 Fleet to Tom and Chris “ are you getting a new boat yet?”
Tom and Chris - “no – what new boat”

28th October – Club Heat 1 – 6 Boats
Alex had a week of fixing stuff – first he welded Jem's boat trailer, then Nat put her knee through the centreboard before sailing so he had to fix that, then he had problem with his extension (tiller I presume?) that also needed to be fixed. Dave sailed with new crew Toni and took her over the finish line first, a great start for their Club Championship campaign.John and Lesley went to the Rolling Stones concert. Tony headed off to Los Angeles for the week.

Over the line results:-
Without a Trace
Modest Mouse.

NS14 Fleet to Tom and Chris “we heard you were getting a new boat?”
Tom and Chris “what new boat?”

State Heat weekend 1 – we were at Adelaide supporting the other half of our fleet – 8 boats in total Guess who rocked up with a new boat – Tom and Chris – Don't Panic (no that is the actual name of the boat!)

Heat 1 and 2 – blown out with 25k+ winds and 2m seas.
Heat 3 and 4 the following day, Sunday starting at 1pm in a light breeze.

Jem and Libby had Blue Moon out for the first time. Tom and Chris surprised everyone by rocking up with a new boat, another Tiger – called Don't Panic- fitted out as an MG – they have decided for the moment to sail it as an NS though.  After weeks of everyone asking about the rumours and them denying, denying and denying. Finally they had to come clean.  Apparently Liquid Insanity will be sold at 1 pm next Sunday to Christian's brother, it will be joining the fleet at Adelaide. With Tony recovering from his LA marketing trip – I once again teamed up with Dave. Christian took is Sabre sailing Dad out – all other teams the same. 

Heat 3 was lightish and the lightweight teams did very well – Debbie was flying at times and fighting hard for first position. Dave and I were 4th just behind Adrian and Chris – we could hear cheering on the finish line just ahead – Alex and Nat just beat Deb and Ash. Bob and Christine were annoyingly close to us most of the race and finished 5th. Next was Enter the Dragon, The Dart and Blue Moon.

Heat 4 More breeze kicked in and John and Lesley had a great start, but so did Dave and I – we made it round the first mark first and headed off on a lightening fast first reach ahead of the fleet, where we stayed but with Deb and Ash catching up on the down wind legs a bit – and a lot on the dead run.  We managed to hold them off which brought back old memories.

Without a Trace
Red Joker
The Dart
Enter the Dragon
Modest Mouse
Sweet Little Rock n Roller
Don't Panic
Blue Moon

John, Lesley, Dave and I wished we had started our 2 races in the 2pm breeze instead of the 1pm breeze – Nat and Christine were complaining about there aches and pains and were trying to work out who most deserved to use the disabled shower cubical!

Winners of race 1 were Alex Poole and Nat Jastrzbski(on left) and race 2 was Dave Gordon and Lisa Brock. Well done guys!

Resale of Heats 1 and 2 will be 29th November at BSYC.

Jem has taken his new position of photographer/event co-ordinator/facebook editor very seriously – all results and photos are uploaded as super speed! Also we need a crew for John Haines – let me know if you are interested!!!

Catch you next month


NS14 News 2014

5th April 2014

Both John Jenkins and Alex celebrated their birthday on this day, Alex felt old turning 30!

To celebrate his birthday The Dart performed extremely well as did crew, Lesley and they all sailed over the line first. Alex and Nat were second, then Adrian and Chris (who had been unwell with the flu the previous few weeks) then Deb and Ashley.  Jem with me on board (not many boats in the fleet I haven't been at the front of this season)  then Bob who had somehow convinced Rory to skipper. Chris Hart was playing the bag pipes at a folk festival (need I say more?)

Emma and her husband Brad also sailed but struggled in the tricky south easter and pulled out. 

Dave was away this week but his presence was felt because 2 of his jibs were gracing forestays,  one on Slip Sliding Away and one on Modest Mouse (perhaps a birthday present in the pipeline for Alex?).

The Dart, John and Leslie performing

We all headed off post race to John and Lesley's to celebrate birthdays, wins and the almost close of the season in a pizza night which turned into a BBQ but ended up a curry night with some delicious curries to sample (lucky everyone loved the many personal interpretations of a green chicken curry – even Bob “made” one!)

It was great to see Emma and Brad who made the long trek from a party at her Dad's (3 doors up) to join us for a while – we are all looking forward to seeing you guys more on and off the water next season.

12th April – final race!

Tony and I had our fingers crossed all week for a 20knot blast to finish off the season – we almost got it – at least 15 anyway!

Unfortunately after so many “light ones” we struggled a bit to control an over keen boat.

Tony and Lisa loving 20 knots

The other blue boat (Powderburn) enjoyed a change of skipper for a while as Ashley took the helm, until the halyard came down and more on water boat maintenance was required (if only Deb knew some one who knows how to fix boats!) 

Deb declared her retirement – hopefully only from the last race and the 2013/14 season and not forever!

Whilst gathering notes for the newsletter as I quite often do as it reduces the amount of made up stuff that fills the pages of the log book and quite often people are keen to pass on gossip after a couple of beers. I asked Dave and Dan if anything happened that I could write about – Nothing..... was the answer – how boring – no one yells, no one almost feeds their late lunch pasty to the fish, no one stuffs up – apparently the are professionals (well this is what Dan says anyway) – it must be partly true as they won.

John and Lesley also declared themselves professional (well they do have the matching slim line black gear) as nothing happened on their boat either, there were lots of instructions from skipper to crew but definitely no cross words as in previous newsletters. I thought I did hear mention of some heavy breathing but decided to gather no further information on that. 

Nat declared she was stuffed after the additional breeze and the continuous instruction to hike out from her wonderful skipper Alex.

Tony and I (as usual) were having a tussle with Jem and Libby. Jem did a spectacular dismount from the back of the boat, and Tony and I did NOT cheer! - the boat tipped and they were both in the water with the boat turtled (second time this year I believe) – as we crawled past (the wind chose that exact moment to drop to zero) Libby remarked how nice it was in the water.  Much to my surprise, though something that regularly happens is not usually a surprise Tony nearly fell out as well.  Luckily my seasonal training in this manoeuvre caused me to respond instantly by launching across the boat to keep it upright and the mast pointing to the sky.  A match race to the finish ensued but we were narrowly beaten by Slip Sliding Away.

Bob saw part of a dolphin (he is unsure of the exact part) but Christine can verify.

Deb tried to put a blue stripe on The Dart to give Jumbo something to think about over winter but was unsuccessful – perhaps that will give Deb something to think about over winter.  Perhaps it was because The Dart had its stealth mainsail on and “tricked” the other blue boat. 

Jem had a dolphin (no elaboration required!)

With the racing over for the season, the real work begins – the draft – who is in,  who is out, who has already signed – it is all going on.

Nothing confirmed except that Bob has already signed Christine - is that because if she is not there he will forget what to do? Or where to go? I think this may be the case because I have heard Christine tell him quite often where to go – it could just be a case of the devil you know is better than the devil you don't.

Its been a mixed season for me, but I have enjoyed the last half of the season and managed to sail most weeks. I have had great fun and lots of laughs sailing on Hammertime with Tony.

Good luck with winter maintenance and catch you all on Presentation night.


PS Jem has just sold Slip Sliding Away, and is now working lots of overtime to get an Aero 10 or 11.

Sold but not forgotton

NS14 SA News - September 2014

Winter training is well underway with various team members undergoing different “preparations” to get ready for the season.  

Christine (Bob's long suffering crew is once again in warm waters on a “big boat”  as below:-
We had 8 days/nights as a bareboat charter in the Whitsundays on a 35ft cat.  Great weather and sailing.  I even got to do some skippering.  I shared a cabin with Fiona and Annie who works on the Start/Finish boat at the club.  Evelyn Grigg my old crew from the Betty was also part of the crew.  Lots of snorkelling and an encounter of the turtle kind.  We stopped at Hamilton Island and I ran into Merrill who sailed with John Hutson and John, who sailed a season with Deb I think.  They are living in Townsville now.

Seems like it is old home week for some X NS14 sailors.

If any one was wondering what happened to Dave's old boat Alternative Pathway, it would seem that it has taken a very different pathway – to Sydney as Ben and Mirjana have moved there and are looking forward to their first sail on the Harbour at Hunters Hill Sailing Club.  Good Luck guys!

Christian and his crew Amelia are due to “shake out the cobwebs” this week.

Jem and Libby took Blue Moon out for a sail last week.

Tony and I went sailing a few weeks back sunny day but water was cold (from splashing in over the deck!).

Map below show's what training Dave has been doing, he has been walking from one side to the other over 2 weeks.  Excellent training for sailing!

Dean Crichton has bought a NS from Victoria called Stealth – he is looking forward to joining the fleet!

No other news from any other teams till next month when we all see how we have faired over the winter.

Catch you then

The SA NS14 Association Presentation Night 2013-14

The SA NS14 Association presentation night for the 2013-14 season was held at BSYC on Friday 16 May. An enjoyable evening it was!  Lisa our president did a terrific job presenting the trophies.

The recipients were

Dave Gordon and Daniel Adams- winner state titles and club championship
Deb Colebatch and Ashley Barclay- winner on handicap state titles and club championship
Chris Hart and Tom Vercoe - runner up on handicap state titles
Jem Woodroffe and Libby John- winner of most improved in state heats 
Alex Poole and Nat Jastrzebski - winner of most improved club heats
Adrian Adams and Chris Rivett- winner of the traveller trophy
Tony Clark and Lisa Brock -winner of the submarine trophy
Lesley Jenkins -winner of the damage trophy(for damage done to her thumb helping John with the mast before sailing even started-it put her out for weeks!) 
Matthew Van Riel-winner of encouragement award

Thanks to Cameron Barclay for the photos!



NS14 NEWS – March 2013

9th Feb – club heat 4

A Glorious day on the water- first 3 boats:-

Without a trace

Slip sliding away

Liquid Insanity

16th Feb

With a dodgy forecast of S/SW 5-8 Knots (the weather seems to be getting lighter by the week) the fleet took to the water.  Jack was so pleased to have Julia fresh back from India that he didn’t hit the reef and gave Bob & Christine curry for the whole race.

Dave won; Deb came second with a brilliant start fuelled by a pre race peach smoothy.

Jumbo decided the forecast did look not worth a rushed flight back from London and chose to stay in freezing conditions rather than sweat it out on the water.

Bob was third, then Adrian, Jem and Chris.

23rd Feb

Yet another light day.  With the fleet down a couple with the skipper on team liquid resting up, and John Haines without son Matt.   John still took to the water (literally) with a turn on the committee boat – much to their surprise he did a double back flip to retrieve his wallet which had made its way over the side and into the water.  Macca awarded him a score of 9.5.  John, his wallet and his phone remained wet for the rest of the arvo.

Dave and Kathryn won

Deb and I were second and won the goblets

Adrian and Ben were third.

2nd March

Christine was off at a wedding so Bob merged two of his favourite things together and took dance partner Carmel out for a sail, we reassured her that Bob didn’t capsize EVERY week.

With the arrival of our own weather god, Jason Tomczyk bringing quite a nice breeze – crews could get off the leeward side and onto the windward tank – thank goodness.

Tom couldn’t see as he had just had some work done on his eyes???? With skipper Chris they remained in the pounce position all day – Tom had no idea (the old joke- what do you call a deer with no eyes? – no idea) does come to mind.

Over the line results - Dave, Adrian, Deb, Jumbo and then Chris and Tom.

This was a great day for The Dart as their performance gave Leslie her first glass – well done team!

Adrian was doing a very convincing Julia Gillard imitation after the race with some very studious glasses on (he advised us he was just reading something on his phone) – yeah right!

SA NS14 State Championships 2013

Off to Christies Beach Sailing Club for a State Heat weekend, our first go at this format.  With the forecast over 35 degrees each day and the weather “variable” i.e. all over the place and not much of it, could we get a series in?

Saturday we started in a very light breeze, the first start was a general recall – the tide was making it impossible to make any headway.

Finally we got away – some of the more fluky teams like Bob hit the pointy end of the fleet but there was no catching Wayne Hale and Steve Jones (who had been specially flown over from NSW to compete).  Luckily for those who were at the back of the fleet and possibly because Bob was in second place we heard the sound of 3 guns to signal the early non result of heat 1

Heat 1 was resailed on Sunday morning in yet another light breeze, with Bob heading off (much to Christine’s frustration) on various tangents and none of which were in the right direction.  It was:-

Fine Tune (which is for sale by the way) – Wayne and Steve

2031 (surely one of our boat suggestions is OK!!!) Jake with Daniel Adams

Powderburn – Deb and I

Without a Trace – Dave & Kathryn

Red Joker – Adrian & Ben

Slip Slidin’ Away – Jem and Libby

One Trick Pony (which still has Rum Tum Tugger signage) Marc and Georgia Read

The Dart – John & Leslie Jenkins

SLRR – Bob & Christine

Optimist – Scott & Thomas Keough

DNC – Team Insane (Chris had a gig)

Heat 2 It was back to back for heat 2 – another light breeze with the massive tide pulling the teams in the wrong direction.


Fine Tune, 2031, Without a Trace, Powderburn, Red Joker, The Dart, SLRR, One Trick Pony, Optimist.

In for a lunch break and back out on the water at 3.30pm for another 2 back to back races.

Team Fine Tune are killing it at the moment.

Jem really enjoying the experience of constant racing and described it as awesome!  He did hit Dave on the last leg near the finish and was seen to do the 720 penalty proving that the theory of if you can’t beat them then hit them doesn’t work – because they beat you whilst you are doing your 720.

Christies have done a great job of trying to get a series for us, with short 45-50 min courses, sometimes starboard rounding and shortening when required meant that even though we had to sail 4 races in 1 day – we had results that counted and it wasn’t all for nothing.

Jumbo quite often said to Leslie that he “should have done this” or “he should have done that”

Proving that even really great sailors have difficulty mastering these light and twitchy boats.  I think secretly she was hoping that he would actually do what he was going to do.

Heat 3


Fine Tune, Powderburn (Yay), Without a Trace, 2031, Red Joker, One Trick Pony, SLRR, Slip Slidin’ Away, The Dart, Optimist.

Heat 4

Jake – Faked a tack and got in front of us – we won’t be fooled next time.  Jake also enjoyed having a crew who spoke the same language as him (that must be the “Mean” language), Daniel had great pole work and both team members enjoyed beating Dave and Kathryn.


Fine Tune, Without a Trace, One Trick Pony, Slip Slidin’ Away, Red Joker, SLRR, The Dart, 2031, Powderburn, Optimist.

That was the end of Sunday racing – back to Christies for the final day at an optimistic start time of 11am.

11am arrived and racing was postponed.

Adrian interviewed the top 4 placed boats – I am sure it will be uploaded onto the NS14 web page soon – Deb’s interview was quite revealing!

We spent the morning wandering to the cafe for a real coffee, then compared tan lines and bruises.

Word from the Bridge advised that there was wind at Maslins Beach – this sounded hopeful.  Chris – Skipper on Liquid Insanity said he and Tom – lucky his eyes are not fully functional could clean up on both races as the rest of the teams would have fainted seeing him in the nude (his words not mine!!)

Perhaps  NS should now stand for Nude Sailing!!!!

Deb and I had strategically left the carbon fibre boom resting its pyjamas until the last minute but were forced to rig by the rest of the already rigged teams by the announcement of a 1.30 start.  We rigged, changed and psyched up to beat that nuisance – Jake - only to be told racing had been cancelled for the rest of the day – I can’t say that we were disappointed.

Overall results

1st - Fine Tune – Wayne and Steve                                4 points

2nd - Without a Trace – Dave & Kathryn                   12 points

3rd - 2031 – Jake and Daniel                                             16 points

4th Powderburn – Deb and Lisa                                      18 points

5thRed Joker – Adrian and Ben                                        20 points

One Trick Pony – Marc and Georgia                            24 points

SLRR – Bob and Christine                                                   28 points

Slip Slidin’ Away – Jem and Libby                                 30 points

The Dart – John & Leslie Jenkins                                                    39 points

Optimist – Scott & Thomas Keough                            44 points

Thanks to Christies for getting a series in under difficult circumstances.

Handicap and other results will be announced at the NS14 presentation night function at the end of the season.

Due to the light weather and the cramped conditions felt by most crews, a response has been made by His Lordship, published elsewhere (and hopefully pages away from my article) in the newsletter.

Responses received will be published, if you care to send them in to me.

Catch you next month




NS14 Training Session

with Dave Colebatch - 30th November 2013

A great sea breeze for a sail and good to see the fleet sailing closer together. You will learn more being close to other boats and in my opinion have more fun! Also great to see Alex and Nat on Rum Tum Tugger. They showed some bursts of speed, and sailed very well; especially given they broke their vang before the start!

A big thank you to Pip Pearson for the coach boat, fuel and afternoon driving. It only cost us 2 light beers; thanks Deb and Ashley.  Also thanks to Adrian for the Gopro, though I was more focused on the boats so I’m not sure what I was pointing the camera at?! Hopefully we’ll have some useful footage for you to look at.

It was very busy on the water, particularly with the addition of the Fireballs and 505’s making it difficult for us to coach without interfering with other boats. We managed to have a look at 4 boats before the start and then about 3 boats per leg, and only 2 on the faster first reach.


Here are some observations:

All boats (except Jumbo) waited too far back from the line and therefore started late. This can often be the case with an incoming tide. The pin end looked favored but some boats chose to start at the boat end. Try to start near the favored (most upwind) end of the line.

First beat
The fleet looked like it overlaid the first mark. Try to find where all the marks are before the start.

“Sail flatter” – This will probably feel like 5 degrees  to windward on top of you until you break the habit of sailing healed over 10 -30 degrees.

“Pull on harder” – the jib sheet and the main sheet in the breeze we had before the start and first beat. Look at your top leech ribbons, they shouldn’t be flying all the time.

“Shift Gears” as the wind strength increases. Lift the centerboard 50-100mm once you start getting overpowered and bring in the rotator a little, also increase the vang and Cunningham tension. You may also need to increase the rig tension and jib luff and out haul. As the breeze continues to build, keep raising the centerboard, bring in the rotator etc.

“Power up” – As a minimum, ease the rotator, vang, leeward sidestay and raise the centerboard above the vang. Ideally also ease the outhaul, Cunningham and jib luff.

“Catch waves” Point up to catch the wave and bear away as you accelerate on a wave, move aft, hike hard and sheet on in planning conditions.  As you come off the wave the crew moves in and forward, ease the main and jib, and point up to catch the next wave. It’s really important to keep the boat flat at all times but particularly if you want to plane as you start to catch the wave. With enough wind and on shyer reaches like the sail in after the finish, you should be able to keep the boat on a full plane by steering up and down to catch waves, working the sheets and keeping the apparent wind forward. Try to hike as far aft as possible, with the skipper sitting on top of or behind the bridle.

“Stabilize the boat”- the crew and skipper sit hiking out opposite each other.  A light crew will need to hike hard to leeward to allow the skipper to sit up on the side tanks. Both lean in and out to keep the mast as still as possible. Centerboard up to the boom, leeward sidestay off.

I hope you got something out of the day; I’d be interested in your feedback.

Happy Sailing
Dave Colebatch